6/18, 7/18, 8/18

Hi, blog. I know it’s been a solid while since an actual, honest update. So here it goes. The past three months have been so good, an unusual statement since I’m usually always yapping about how sad and slow time is. Anyway, last June, I left Manila for good. I thought I left Manila for … More 6/18, 7/18, 8/18

4/18 & 5/18

Out of it. That’s what I’ve been feeling for the past two months, hence the lack of blog posts. I know myself pretty well and I know exactly why I’m in this state of demotivation. The reason is so simple, yet I’m not doing anything about it at all. But still, there’s always something to … More 4/18 & 5/18

HK Day 2: Day Trip to Macau, Night Market at Mong Kok, (closed) Avenue of Stars

Hi, blog. It’s been a while and I didn’t mean to go this long without a blog post… I’ve been distracted by a lot of things (and by a lot I mostly just mean reading Harry Potter. Haha) So here I am, continuing my post about the Hong Kong trip I had with my co-teachers last … More HK Day 2: Day Trip to Macau, Night Market at Mong Kok, (closed) Avenue of Stars


I honestly feel like each time I write a blog post about the previous month, I always end up writing about the same thing… So why not give this post a little twist right? I’ll start off with a short list of things I’m both looking forward to and hoping for. 🙂


I remember being excited for February, not knowing that it was going to be a whole month of demotivation and pressure. But still though, it was still filled with light and love!