I honestly feel like each time I write a blog post about the previous month, I always end up writing about the same thing… So why not give this post a little twist right? I’ll start off with a short list of things I’m both looking forward to and hoping for. 🙂


I remember being excited for February, not knowing that it was going to be a whole month of demotivation and pressure. But still though, it was still filled with light and love!


Hello, blog! Wow two whole months since my last post… I really wanted to get blog posts up but the past two months were really busy. December was the “fun” kind of busy. I spent Christmas break with family, and hanging out with them the whole time made it so difficult to get back to … More 1/18


I’ve always thought Olive Young was the Seoul version of Watson’s. The stores used to be typical-sized filled with rows of cosmetics ranging from authentic, local products, to well-known brands. It also had a couple of rows for hygiene-related things, and refreshments like chips, chocolates, and juices. So during my recent trip to Seoul, I … More OLIVE YOUNG: Mini Haul