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“The ocean is everything I want to be — beautiful, mysterious, wild and free.”

Hi, I’m Maddie and I’m from the Philippines. I’ve just graduated from college (06/2016) and I’ve been spending my days in the comforting walls of home in the City of Pines, with the occasional trips here and there. I generally suck at writing introductions and it would be easier if I had questions I could just answer but I don’t so I’m just gonna give this a go.

I like coffee & tea, chocolates & candies, sleep, spending time with my family & my boyfriend, keeping my things neat & orderly, reading books, watching TV shows, and surrounding myself with good food & company. Polar bears are my favorite animal and I’m still wishing and hoping and praying I get to keep a baby polar bear in my future home, without having to live in Antarctica.

I am generally impatient but I’m the kind of person who doesn’t mind waiting at airports. There’s just something about the sight of people rushing to their gates, the planes waiting to be boarded, people just waiting at their boarding gates, there’s always something interesting to see.

I guess you can call me an introverted extrovert since I can’t completely fit my personality into one category. I like engaging in social activities, trying new things, and basically interacting with the outside world. I also like being by myself — reading a good book with a cup of coffee, spending an afternoon at home, or roaming around a new place alone.

My mother believes that I was born in the wrong era, and maybe she’s right about that. I’m fond of listening to music from the earlier years (80s & earlier, with the exception of classic R&B from the 1990s), which is probably why my friends give me the eye when I only discover a mainstream song a few months later. I also revel in vintage and classic looking things and places, and upon discovering something new, I would always find myself reading about it.

I’m well aware of the fact that almost every millennial claims that he is an innate world traveler and the next line I am about to type might not be as original but nonetheless true. I enjoy exploring new cities, taking photos, basking myself in a new culture, trying new food. Nothing beats the feeling I get upon stepping out of the airport and into the arms of a new city.

If the Philippines had four seasons, my favorite would be autumn. I love how the leaves fall from the trees, the red to orange to yellow to brown hues, the weather being just right, the combination of scarves and sweaters… It easily would’ve been winter since Christmas is my favorite holiday and my birthday being in December but after experiencing snow and below zero temperatures, all I’m going to say is no thank you. 🙂

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