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H U N G R Y is what you’ll be after reading this post written by Justine and Junielle of Sweeter and Saltier. This week’s piece for Friends on Channel Maddie is all about embracing a lifestyle that includes a whole lot of food! Finding places that serve really good food isn’t always easy, what more when you try to find places with good food that also look ~aesthetic!?~ Right? Right.

I hope you enjoy reading Justine and Junielle’s journey on discovering, eating, and photographing delectable food and drinks. 🙂

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Weekend Brunch at Etaru, Hallandale Beach, Florida

Hey Guys! We are so excited to be featured by Channel Maddie’s blog. We have known each other since we were kids. LITERALLY before we could even speak. It is such an honor to highlight our food blog if we may call it so. We recently started our food journey, and it is not a healthy food journey —- it is all about satisfying all the cravings; all the “see” food you can fill your eyes then to fill the stomach. We love to try up and coming restaurants; the hole in the walls and even sometimes well established eateries.

Why pick one when you can taste them all? Tea Plus in Davie, Florida

Why live a bland life when you can live the @SweeterandSaltier way sampling hodge podge foods? To begin, we would like to introduce ourselves, we are Justine and Junielle, the creators of @SweeterandSaltier food blog. After all these years of exploring different restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and more, we have finally decided to create an instagram page dedicated to food and drinks. We created our blog to share some of our favorite places featuring their delicious foods and drinks. Also for us personally to keep our memories; to serve as an album of our adventures. Looking back at all the food in our page, we remember how that day was, and how special it is to be at that particular place at that time.

Perfect way to end brunch is through this gorgeous dessert platter from Etaru, Hallandale Beach, Florida

We are going to be honest—– we love going to aesthetically pleasing locations. They say you eat with your eyes! and yes! That is 100% THE TRUTH! It is scientifically proven! Looking at a beautifully iced cake, the perfect swirl on a sundae to a perfectly crafted matcha latte brings joy to us. Though sometimes having to destroy the chef’s masterpiece is heartbreaking it is necessary to experience a delectable bite. 

WE live by our mantra “Food Coma Lifestyle” we really should trademark that.

Our journey all began when we joined Yelp a couple of years ago. Searching for the 5 star restaurants and specialty places were our number one searched. It all started just because one day we were hungry then we thought why not start writing reviews for these places, we want to share how our experiences were and basically just letting the world know “Hey! come check this place out!” instead of going to the same places over and over again. We love to encourage our friends to explore more, be more adventurous because you cannot live this life confined in a closed perspective. A few reviews later, we became a part of the Yelp Elite Squad (YES!). Being in this group our reviews were regarded to be valuable but more importantly being part of the squad let us connect to like-minded individuals who share the same food interest, it was like we found our food family! The perks of being part of YES! was that we are able to try out new restaurants through their exclusive events, sometimes having first dibs for openings. We are so blessed to even be part of the squad, because never would we have imagined we could go to such events. We highly recommend it if you are able to join the squad to do so. We still have so much more to explore in South Florida thanks to Yelp.

Taco Tuesday in Tacos Chukis in Seattle, Washington
Buddhalicious Martini from Barton G. in Miami Beach, Florida

Living in South Florida offers us tons of opportunities to experience a wide range of food selection. Miami is known as a “melting pot” of cultures, which makes the city so unique compared to the rest of the state of Florida. It is one of the few places in the U.S. where you feel like you have traveled to many parts of the world in just one trip. We are so lucky to be able to experience other cultures through their food. One moment you feel like having some tacos? Yeah just drive down the street. And for dessert you feel like having gelato? Just look at the store next to it. Although, South Florida is a mix of different cultures; We have a very high Hispanic population from different countries like Cuba, Columbia, Argentina from South America giving us a heavy influence of the Hispanic culture in our local food. From our sweet churros to savory churrascos. We are so used to having our little cafecitos every few hours for a caffeine kick! If you’re visiting from the Philippines, definitely come to SoFlo because our food here still includes rice (and beans) plus Jollibee is coming here very soon!

The Salty Donut in Wynwood, Florida is our favorite donut shop! Also, here’s our cute pup!
Sidewalk art in Miami Beach, Florida

Exploring and discovering new food spots around our neighborhood has been a great bonding experience as sisters. Sharing the same hobby of eating good food (I am sure you guys can relate!) just could not be more perfect. Us both having full time jobs that are completely not related to blogging and social media definitely gives us an outlet to take our stress away and just for a lunch, a coffee run or a happy hour, we can be reminded of the best things in life (ehem food) and we continue to do what we do. There is always something to look forward to each week by trying a new spot every time. 

If you love good food and beautiful places check us out on our socials. 

Thank you for reading our little piece, hopefully you got a taste of our “SeeFood”. 

Chow Loves! Have a Delicious Day!

Justine and Junielle from @SweeterandSaltier

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