List of Three Vol. XVI

Permission to skip the introduction for this week’s List of Three?


Hi, Spruce Tip

I pretty much stayed home this week, drank a lot of coffee, and worked on a whole lot of final requirements. Three weeks prior to finals week, I already started making a timeline for everything I needed to do and it got me thinking about how much this term overworked me. Then again, it’s probably my fault because the first half of the term was also when I was at my lowest, and I really wasn’t all that productive. But that’s done and I’m currently waiting for the grades to be released, they should be out by tomorrow so fingers crossed.

TS. (for the lack of a better heading)

The latter part of this week was filled with Taylor Swift. My heart fell when she released that photo on Instagram, completely confirming that the re-recording of Fearless was truly on the way. It’s crazy because a few weeks ago, I was telling my sister how cool it would be if Taylor Swift actually did the same exact photo on the Fearless album. And. And. And omg. I cried watching the lyric video of Love Story. I’m not even kidding. All the emotions, you know?

“asdkajkshfasjdfkh,” says my mind.

Wow I cannot think of another thing to write to complete this list. Let’s see. I’ve lifted my Netflix ban, I’ve been feeling like I need to move more, I need to update my planner, I’m looking for that someone I can talk to about that something, I’m just wow I don’t know but okay yeah that’s it. Haha okay. Happy Sunday & Happy Valentine’s Day, friends. ❀️

PS. New post on Tuesday and Thursday. Yay πŸ™‚

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