List of Three Vol. XV

Another week, another list!

I wasn’t able to take as much photos this week, so apologies for that. Well I did take a lot of photos yesterday but that’s for my blog post going up on Thursday. Hehe anyhow, the past two weeks have been spent catching up on school work and there’s really nothing much to report here. But still, let’s give this a go, because I committed to this project and well I don’t want to break the streak. Haha


I feel like I’ve been talking about graduate school a lot lately, oh well what can I do, it’s my current priority in life. Just this week, specifically after I received an email for next term’s Course Advising (hmm kinda sounds funky), I realised how unbelievably fast everything is happening. I’m done with all my basic, core, and major classes — well one last major class next term and a few pending requirements for statistics and I’m halfway done. But it’s the second half (practicum, comprehensive exam, thesis) that matters a thousand times more and it’s the one that makes me doubt everything. Being able to see and feel how fast everything is going has pushed me to give more, to read more, to work even harder.


Over the years, I’ve learned how to appreciate not having that much stuff. This actually only happened because of space issues and because of the fact that I started resenting clutter. I don’t know much about the technicalities of living a minimalistic lifestyle, but I’ve been finding myself purging items constantly, since like 2019, I think? And I’ve just been doing my best to keep my things down to a minimum. The old Maddie would’ve found this hard to believe — that Maddie was insanely sentimental! Anyhow, I know it’s a long way to go, being really intentional with the things, oh and people, that you keep in your life. Am I right? Yes. But let’s save that topic for another day.


Even with all the school work and all the work, work, I’ve been working a little bit harder than usual for this project. The only reason I started Friends on Channel Maddie is that I honestly wanted to hear from friends, to read authentic posts from people who are real, people who are more to relatable, you know? I mean, have you ever felt like the people that you see online / follow on social media are a *little* difficult to reach, relate to, and understand? That instead of feeling inspired, you end up feeling insecure and end up asking yourself why you don’t have what they have? Obviously, not everyone will agree with me, but it took me so long to realise that it’s exactly the people that I see online (I know, just who even do I follow!? lol) that makes me feel bad about myself, that makes me feel bad about where I’m at in life, to the extent that instead of feeling motivated, I end up feeling insecure, ya know what I mean? So I thought, why not bring in more authenticity and share that with whoever stumbles upon this blog (as if there’s so many!? lol) and I could maybe do that by asking friends to share about their life… LOL kidding. I thought I could ask friends to share their projects, stories, musings, experiences, etc. After all, it’s easier to understand and learn from people who are more relatable, right?

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