List of Three Vol. XIV

Ahhh oh my goodness I’m so exhausted and I’m fighting off sleep just to get this week’s List of Three done!


The Twosome Place planners that I ordered from Shoppee finally arrived after a month! I’m so excited to update it and just you know, “planner.” (My sister and I use “planner” to describe the act of updating and planning our planners LOL) The set came in with a mask, a mask strap, a tumbler, pens, and a desk calendar — definitely worth the price! I wasn’t able to take a photo of everything so I’ll just put it up next week.


You know those times you feel like you just need to hear from someone who really knows you? And to hear them confirm that you haven’t gone insane? Haha I’ve sort of been feeling funky lately and I really just needed to talk to a friend, so my best friend and I FaceTimed yesterday afternoon. Talking to a good friend about anything and everything really makes such a difference. After a while, we decided to call our other friend too since it’s really been so long since we all talked. High school was a crazy time but us three really just stuck it out.


This hang out is actually the reason why my eyes are about to close, but still zero regrets.

I don’t remember why we named our group “OCEAN,” but I think it’s because we’re all psychology majors? I don’t know LOL but can you guess which among the five is assigned to me?

My college friends and I met up in Clark today. We got breakfast from McDonald’s, had picnic at the Parade Grounds and actually played “Ice, Ice, Water” and “luksong baka.” If you know, you know. LOL after a while, we drove to Zambales for late lunch and to see the water. Being by the water was the main reason why we went to Zambales. We drove back to Subic for coffee and dessert, before heading back home.

Actually me while telling a story: “He told me that whenever they hang out *pause* the people always shout there goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.”

Okay, that’s all for this week! I’m so beat but I feel like I sound so jumpy and excited? Haha anyway, goodnight, blog friends!

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