List of Three Vol. XIII

I feel like the past week had a pace of its own. It felt like everything was happening too fast, but at the same time, everything was too slow. I don’t know, I don’t think I’m making sense. Haha I’m sort of on turbo mode for this week’s List of Three because I feel like my body is telling me it needs to rest. I wasn’t really able to take a rest this weekend, I was out the whole day yesterday, I spent today’s first five and a half hours on call with my groupmates working on a class requirement, and my eyes are so dry it’s starting to hurt. So not used to wearing contact lenses anymore. LOL


I took Monday and Tuesday off of work this week. I felt like I needed a break and really just take a breather. My siblings and I headed to Tayug on Monday, spent the day in my aunt’s office, and I went to my appointment at the dermatologist before class, which made me want to cry in pain because my 2020 breakouts refuse to leave me alone.

On Tuesday, my family and I drove to Clark. We left quite early and I was so close to backing out because I wanted to sleep but I knew I needed to leave the house / town / province, even just for a day. We didn’t do much, nothing special, really.


Aside from the usual work and school stuff that I always blab about, this week was also filled with a few dinners by the garden to celebrate my cousin and to send my sister (Moi) off. That cake there was sort of last minute — my sister (Maui) and I had like 10 minutes to cut all the photos and have everyone sign the back while trying to keep it a surprise from Moi.


My brother and I drove to San Fernando yesterday to attend an old colleague’s wedding. I made it a point to wake up early because I wanted to get my laundry done before leaving, and have plenty of time to get ready but all of that changed when I overslept and woke up two hours later, thanks to the heavy rain.

It was a pretty intimate wedding and oh that feeling you get whenever you see a couple tie the knot. I also had a great time catching up with old colleagues, reminiscing, taking photos, and killing the appetiser — I was running on an empty stomach; all I had was a cup of coffee and a rice cracker.

Spent the rest of the evening waiting to get picked up with this bunch. The little baby is actually my goddaughter! ❤️

I know, I said I was on turbo mode for this post but I got carried away because I actually had a lot photos I wanted to include here. Hehe I hope you enjoyed this week’s List of Three, I know it’s a little different only because it has like a million photos, but it’s still pretty much the same.

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