List of Three Vol. XII

I need to break the monotony in this blog. There hasn’t been anything aside from weekly List of Three posts and I’m sorry. I keep telling myself to work on the posts that I had lined up but I just haven’t had the time to do that. So this week, to give this blog a little more life, I’m going to do my best to publish one.


One indicator of feeling like not having it together is getting the urge to reorganise my room and my closet. This weekend, I had zero plans to fix anything. But I ended up fixing and cleaning because I knew I needed to clear my head before jumping back to work. I’m already short on time since we’re down to the last few weeks of the term but instead of doing schoolwork, I decided to rearrange my room for the nth time and reorganise my closet. (READ: Decluttering & Reorganising Part I and Part II)

Perfect way to make use of those travel organisers while there aren’t any foreseeable travel plans.

The whole room (by this I mean just the bed and my desk lol) getting rearranged happened yesterday and the closet reorganisation was just this morning, right after I’ve my breakfast. After folding my clothes, I compartmentalised them. I only compartmentalise when travelling but when I saw my sister’s closet and how neat it looked after she did this, I was like okay, I’m doing that too. Well it only took me four months to actually do it.


Considering the fact that I’m doing counseling for graduate school, client-counselour role plays should be something that I’m used to. It’s probably the lack of practise that I still get nervous but a few days ago, my learning partner and I had to do one over Zoom for a class requirement. When I was playing the role of the client (well it actually wasn’t much of a role play since we had to put some authenticity to it, but anyway) I enjoyed the session, even if it was just for class. It made me want to go to an actual counseling session. I want the full experience and I’m sure that experience will allow me to learn and observe skills from a professional, and I can use it to work on the many, many, many counseling skills that I need to work on.


I’ve been trying to limit buying anything online mainly because I need to save and well I haven’t really accomplished much this month so I can’t even use that as an excuse to treat myself. LOL but still, I ended up getting a skirt, these pretty shoes and a set of pens. I had a colleague who had these pens and I used to always borrow them during meetings. I’ve been meaning to buy since then but I never got around to it, so a few days ago, I went on Shoppee and found a store that sells a whole set at a low price.

Until next week!

I mean. Until sometime this week, when I publish that post that is supposed to break the monotony of this blog.

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