List of Three Vol. X

Happy 2021, blog friends!

The new year always holds so much promise and light. It’s also one of the best times to reflect on the year that has just passed. With that, this List of Three will be dedicated to three things I’ve learned in 2020.


2020, in one way or another, took everybody’s control on a wide range of things. Plans getting cancelled, delaying big decisions, unable to see friends and family, and completely adapting to the demands of being safe during the pandemic, among others. I started 2020 with the brightest eyes and optimism that soared through the roof. What with 2020 being the start of a new decade, I had very heavy expectations. I didn’t have detailed plans, but I wanted to make the year count. I wanted it to be memorable, life-changing, and happy. And indeed, it was, but not in the way I expected it.

The coronavirus started changing the everyday scene in the Philippines in March. In all honesty, I liked the lockdown / quarantine set-up because it meant that I would be with my entire family in the province, I could do work and school from home, and I did not have to travel to Manila every week. But as April came by, though I was okay with the routine I’ve set, my mental and spiritual health hit a low that even surprised me. So many sleepless nights wasted on thoughts related to plans and constantly feeling like being stuck in a rut. It took me a while to get my way out of the sinkhole brought upon by the lockdown, but it was during this season that I was reminded of the power of prayer and Who was truly in control.


I don’t know, but I feel like 2020 also taught everyone the importance of taking a break. Life prior to the pandemic was all about the hustle and bustle to the extent that actually taking the time to slow down and take a break was not much of a priority. During the period when the lockdown / quarantine was heavily enforced, things were put on hold, and no one was certain when we would be going back to the life we used to have. Everyone was at home and it was the best time to do the things we never had the time for. I was honestly overwhelmed with the amount of time I had in my hands that in the early days of quarantine, I didn’t know what to do first. But the presence of time allowed me to really take a breather, to rest for a little while, to focus on my well-being.


One of the good things 2020 brought is perspective. I am generally open minded but most times, being open minded just doesn’t cut it. Different views on a wide array of subjects typically cause rifts among people, and my interdependent self would really rather not break any relationship because of a disagreement. I used to be on Twitter 24/7 before, but the emergence of one political, racial, or spiritual issue after another would cause such an uproar on social media and since 2020 was already quite toxic, reading and immersing myself in articles like that just wasn’t helpful. Please don’t get me wrong — I’m aware of the power of social media and how it’s an avenue for people to vent and things like that, it just wasn’t healthy for me at that point to keep being on social media.

Anyway, 2020 reminded me of the importance of perspective. It reminded me that even though we don’t always agree with people and the things that we see on the Internet, it is still so important to extend grace and kindness, and one way to do that is to gain perspective.

2020 really was quite a year. It did have highlights but I hate to admit that 2020 was really more about the trials. There’s still so much I want to share about my reflections but I know I need to close the year once and for all. So that’s it for 2020! We made it!

Happy New Year to you! 🙂

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