List of Three Vol. IX

During the holiday season, I heavily rely on the dates, not the days. If that makes sense. Haha so it really was quite a surprise for me that today is Sunday, which also reminded me that it’s the last Sunday of the year. The fact that this year is finally coming to an end is giving me this feeling I can’t describe, but it’s generally more on the positive side. I’m just thankful that 2020 is coming to end — going into the new year always brings hope, light, and positivity.


Christmas 2020 was spent at home with my entire family. It’s been so long since this happened that no one even remembers when the last time was. Yes, we (grandparents, family, mum’s two siblings and their families) all live in the same compound but during this time of the year, we’re all usually out and about. So even though the holiday season generally sucked for me, this is one aspect that I’m grateful for.


I’m including Gilmore Girls in this week’s list because I am currently rewatching the show and I’m reminded of how much I enjoyed and loved it the first time I watched it. Since we’re off of work, I’ve been looking forward to just staying in bed, watching. Also. Logan & Rory all the way. šŸ˜‰


Despite the rough year, I’m still so grateful. For starters, my family is safe, healthy, and secure. Even though there are times it’s easier to complain and feel that everything isn’t going the way we want it to be, there’s still so many things to be grateful for.

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