List of Three Vol. VIII

A few more days until Christmas and wow the holiday rush is real. Deadlines, Christmas parties, and procrastinating holiday shopping all in the same week did not exactly entail having a peace of mind. I wasn’t ready for how hectic everything was. I even had a working outline for this week’s List of Three because I wanted it to be a little better and joyful than my previous ones, but well here we are, procrastinating, and that outline is now out the window.


I still find it unbelievable that it’s the 20th of December today. The holiday season is the only thing I wait for all year round and now that it’s here, I feel…nothing. Is it just me or it really doesn’t feel like Christmas at all? It just feels so disheartening because I really thought this holiday season would be merry and bright but what the heck, how did it end up being the total opposite?

19 / 12 / 20

I made it a point to wake up extra early on my birthday. As soon as I opened my eyes, my first thought was, “wow the weather is commiserating with me.” It was such a gloomy and rainy morning — very unusual for the hot and sunny Decembers we typically have in the Philippines. It rained the entire day, the sun didn’t even make a cameo. Despite this birthday being different, I’m still grateful for being blessed with another year.


I know my previous posts have been so…how should I put it? Melancholy? Pathetic? Miserable? Hopeless? I don’t know, really, feel free to choose an adjective you think works best, but I’m 100% aware of how I sound on my posts. But I need to write, I need a place where I can just feel, you know? I know I don’t even have to explain and apologise here on my blog but while I’m like “this,” constantly praying for better days, please just let me feel. And if you’re one of the only 4 or 5 people who constantly read my posts, thank you. I appreciate you.

9 thoughts on “List of Three Vol. VIII

  1. They say rain on your birthday means good luck! It’s happened to me these past couple of years. I know this year sucks and it doesn’t feel like Christmas 😦 I’m glad you have this space to let yourself feel because that is sooooo important! Also, I’m very grateful to be part of the squad that constantly reads your posts hehe


    1. Thank you, Erin! ❤️ still hoping this year ends with light and positivity. And thank you for reading my posts, it truly means so much to me! I hope to see more of your writing around WordPress. ☺️


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