JAZ: New York Christmas

This week’s Friend is not someone new on Channel Maddie. 😉

Jaz and I met in college, and it wasn’t until months before graduation that we really started hanging out. Although we only ever catch up like once in two years (aka when she’s home) and only send each other occasional post cards, we’ve become good friends — she’s actually one of my dearest friends and I would gladly bring bags of Milo on a flight for her LOL.

In this post, Jaz shares a snippet of how Christmas is like in New York this year. Her entry made me want to go experience Christmas in New York, but that’s just going to have to wait because 1) that’s gonna need $$$ and 2) ya girl is dead scared to get swabbed.

I hope you enjoy Jaz’s post and experience a little bit of New York from a local’s perspective. 🙂

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Hi everyone, my name is Jaz. So, I have never done any proper writing, let alone blogging in my life, so this is a first for me (thanks Maddie for making my blogger dreams come true). Let me introduce myself a little bit more and what I have been up to these crazy days, then after give you a little Christmas trip around Manhattan, New York.

Currently, I live in New Jersey, and study in New York for Sonography. It’s a 30-minute train ride usually, but since we’re having a COVID spike in the USA, our school decided to do mostly online class for now. During this cold season, I find myself slacking from school, to general everyday activity, to literally just life, it’s hard to be active especially if you’re stuck at home, a foot away from the comfiest place on earth which is your bed, under your blankets. But recently I came up with my own ALittle15 to keep me active and just be less lazy really. I would remind myself to do 15 minutes of yoga or exercise for my self/body, then another 15 minutes of cleaning, whether it may be doing the dishes, or my room, or anything to be cleaned. Just give a little 15 minutes of your whole day at home and feel a little productive. I decided to do a little Christmas tour around since it’s my favorite season, and I really hate the cold season but all these Christmas feels and decorations always make me feel warm somehow.

When I mention New York Christmas to anyone, usually the first picture that comes to their mind is the big Christmas tree in Rockefeller center. It is really quite a scene to see especially the first time, but I still feel the same way whenever I see it every year. I usually check it out late at night for fewer people around. This year though, due to COVID, although still crowded for my introverted self, I could say it’s just 25 percent of the usual crowd during peak time. Social distancing is also practiced as much as possible, they barricaded parts of the area to lessen crowds, so I grabbed the first picture from Rockefeller’s instagram account since it’s not possible to get a centered picture of it. 

Also, in that same area, right across the Rockefeller plaza by 5th Avenue, is the light display from Saks at 5th. People usually stop at the side to watch, it wasn’t really on my agenda to see, but I was lucky enough to also watch the light show at the same night I went to New York. It is impossible to ignore especially if you like shimmering things like me. They also play music along with the light display, depending on their theme for the year. 

Saks at 5th

There are several trains you can take to get to Rockefeller, or even just walk along 5th avenue if you’re somewhere in Uptown or Midtown New York. Most of the time I tend to walk especially if the weather is perfect. I’m pretty much used to walking now especially if I’m not rushing to my destination. After checking Rockefeller Center, I walked downtown towards Bryant Park which is also along 5th Avenue by 42nd street, it’s only an 8 minute walk, and believe me, you wouldn’t even feel worn out from walking since your eyes would be so busy checking out the stores in 5th Ave, in my case I just window shop (haha)

Bryant Park Christmas Tree

Every year, they set up a winter village in Bryant Park which is full of small business shops to promote, and also help the small business community. It’s really cute, the shops vary from food to clothes to small knick knacks. The New York Public Library is also just behind Bryant Park if you also want to take a side trip inside and check out.

Winter Village

Aside from the winter village, another attraction they have is the skate rink they also put up every Christmas season, oh, and Rockefeller also has the skate rink, but because of COVID you would need to purchase tickets ahead of time for both locations to limit people in the rink.

These are probably the most visited locations in New York during Christmas season, or even off peak season. There is so much more to explore around Manhattan, and my favorite time is during this Holly Jolly season where everything is so festive and lit. I hope someday everyone can come visit and get to experience Christmas in New York at least once. 

PS: Maddie, come back again! I’m a better guide now lol. (READ: Part 1 & Part 2 to get what Jaz is saying hehe)

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