List of Three Vol. VII

Two more days and we’re halfway through December. HOW. Despite watching Christmas movies on Netflix, putting up a tiny tree with fairy lights in my room, and playing Christmas music in the morning, I still can’t feel the holiday spirit. Can 2020 please get better already? Please?

The past week has been busy and I’m sorry for skipping last Tuesday’s post Friends on Channel Maddie and publishing my weekly Thursday post. I know being busy is part of life, but when things start happening all at the same, it gets so difficult to balance everything. But I’m going to get things back up and running again, work on scheduling everything that needs scheduling, and get more things done. I don’t want to start 2021 staring into my laptop, catching up on work.

Anyhow, here’s this week’s List of Three.


We celebrated my parents anniversary with a very, very, very early and heavy breakfast, which lasted for 2-3 hours. We then had a teeny tiny road trip to Pangasinan’s capital, Lingayen, then visited the church they were married in on our way back home.


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One of my friends had a bridal shower over the weekend. I didn’t know what to get her, until I remembered Cotton Cloud. I had no idea which arrangement was perfect for a bridal shower, so I went ahead and messaged them. They asked for the motif and my budget, and came up with this pretty bouquet! PS. This was less than Php 800. 😉


This weekend, I was reminded me of how important it is to pray without ceasing. I haven’t been praying sincerely (and it shows, honestly) and the reading today at church and getting “we’re praying for you, Maddie” messages was a big slap in the face that brought me back to my senses. I’ve got people praying for me when I can’t even pray for myself. Ugh. There’s no working my way around this because it’s true. I’ve been so absorbed in this thing I’m dealing with that I had truly abandoned praying.

4 thoughts on “List of Three Vol. VII

  1. The arrangement is SO pretty!! 😭 And happy anniversary to your parents! Super nice ‘yung magpunta sa church where they got married. ❤️


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