List of Three Vol. VI

I still can’t believe it’s December. How did we all get through the craziness this year has brought? A few more weeks before we say good riddance to this year but I’m still trying to get through 2020, to be honest. Will this year get better? Will this year end on a good note? I don’t know and I just don’t have the energy to think about this anymore.

I usually consider December as a self-proclaimed month-long vacation where you can bet my productivity is just slightly above the bare minimum and my concentration for anything work/school is consistently at a low. So it really isn’t much of a surprise that the previous week went by quickly, trying to beat one deadline after another.


A few days ago, I basically had to kick Spruce out of my room (sorry for the lack of a better term). The most difficult part is when I have to get ready for bed, close my door, and see him with those puppy dog eyes. I miss having him in my room just lying down and sighing dramatically.


“Dirty” ice cream

Aside from the fact that I haven’t been as productive, I’ve also been on a rampant eating spree. No problem if it’s all the healthy stuff but nope. Soft drinks (I thought I had already established a good control over my Coca-Cola addiction but oh well), ice cream, fatty meat (lechon skin!!!!), dessert (ugh that leche flan though), chips… Am I trying to kill myself? Am I making way for cholesterol-related diseases? I have lost all sense of control.


Here’s a heavily filtered photo c/o Instagram lol

I never paid much attention to hair rollers, even when I first got full bangs in 2011, then 2017, and last June. I never had quite the patience to really put one on properly — I would always end up with only a little bit of my bangs attached to the roller lol. But just recently, I borrowed one of my grandma’s hair rollers and I was amazed at how my bangs turned out. Since then, I’ve been using rollers and I’ve started bringing one with me everywhere. Haha

This week’s List of Three is pretty raw, honest, and mundane, but it is what it is. 🙂

Happy December to you!

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