First of December 2020

It’s December.
December 2020.

This year flew by, and I’m glad it did because I can’t take 2020 anymore. Right, these posts usually come in before or a few days after the New Year but there’s no point waiting for that. I’m convinced that this is it for 2020. This is it for this unbelievably challenging year that caused so many sleepless nights. This is it for this arduous, burdensome, formidable year.

Again, I’m not disregarding any of the blessings that this year has brought…but let me feel. I’m sorry I shouldn’t even be explaining myself.

This year started with so much hope, promise, and light. In a general sense, 2020 was still great despite the circumstances, yeah okay. But why am I sitting in bed, wallowing, when we are currently hours away from the last month of this year, my favourite month, the month I wait for all year round? There’s not even that feeling of coziness, warmth, excitement and joy, that automatically comes with the holidays.

I’m just hoping and praying that everything gets better soon and that 2020 won’t end like this. I know I just said that I’m convinced this is it for this year, but despite everything, there is still hope, I know that everything will eventually get better. But going through this (I don’t even know what this is) during this time of year, during the season that means the most to me is just awful.

All photos are from Pinterest.

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