List of Three Vol. IV

The past week was quite a happy week. I don’t know, it just was and I’m so thankful for that, especially since the past few weeks have been a mess. Since I felt ~happy~ this week, I won’t be posting three different feelings and I’ll share some highlights instead.


Waiting at McDonald’s

Last Tuesday, my brother and I drove to Clark for the day, mainly because we needed to get ECT and RFID. While we were there, I met up with a couple of friends (two makes a couple, right? LOL). I had lunch with a friend I met at work before, and had some coffee with another friend before heading home. (I don’t want my List of Three posts to be long so I’ll be writing another post for this).

Care package ❤️


The bracelet that I ordered from Sonder Manila arrived a few days ago and I’m still obsessing over it. They currently have four designs and I purchased a gold one inscribed with “God is Greater than the Highs and Lows.” I was so excited to finally have it, I wore it to work the next day. 🙂

Facebook | Instagram

Speaking of local shops… I’ve been looking for online shops that sell quality and budget-friendly personalised items to gift for Christmas. I started looking in October, but all the shops that I’ve seen are quite over the top and they don’t have what I’m looking for. Please please let me know if you have local shops you can recommend!


Ever since I went short in 2016, I never looked back LOL. Like I mentioned in a post I wrote after that haircut, I never thought I could live without my long hair and four years later, here we are not being able to stand having long hair (more like medium-length hair LOL). I may have cut my hair a little too short this time, (I made this mistake in November 2018) but oh well I guess that’s okay, since my hair grows out pretty fast.

A few more happy things this week:

  • My sisters’ film photos arriving (I’ll be posting some on Instagram)
  • This year’s Christmas Lighting at work
  • Watching The Princess Switch: Switched Again
  • A NEW BLOG PROJECT featuring friends! These friends are basically going to write a post on anything lifestyle-y and I’m so excited to read and share what they’ll be writing 🙂 I already have a few friends lined up, and if everything goes by schedule, the first post will be up on Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “List of Three Vol. IV

    1. Hi Amielle! Yeah, I wish I could order! I saw photos of your work and they’re so nice 💕 gonna follow your shop on Instagram now. Hehe

      PS. I read your post earlier, I hope things get better soon and your November ends with a happy note. ☺️


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