List of Three Vol. III

This week was all sorts of things. I don’t know, felt like I was all over the place. Anyway, here we go with this week’s List of Three.


Iced coffee from Serious Black Coffee

Throughout the past couple of days, I really did feel well-rested. I was able to sleep in, binge-watch Gilmore Girls again, finally had a good cheeseburger (I’ve been craving for weeks), read, and clean. But still, no amount of physical rest sufficed.


Work and school were suspended last week because of Typhoon Ulysses. Despite the non-stop rain and strong winds, thankfully, our area / province was not as affected. (If you’re reading this and you want to donate to help the provinces that were badly hit by the typhoon, you can visit this site and you’ll see a list of organisations spearheading donation drives. I can also connect you with friends who are organising donations for the Cagayan Region).

I spent the weekend at home (there is honestly nothing new about this LOL I’m sorry I am a grandma), but on Saturday, we went to the hardware store to get a few items for the house. I only got an extension cord and I was basically just there for umm…you know…moral support? LOL


That one time we had a tea party in the early days of quarantine.

I thought 4-6 weeks into quarantine was bad (you can read about how much I blabbed about this here). I thought it was the worst 2020 could bring. I thought I already had my fair share of “ugh 2020 sucks.” But wow, honestly… The second half of 2020 just stinks. It’s so bad that I’d rather go back to those early weeks of quarantine even when I thought everything was bad. It’s so bad that I’d rather go through what I went through during the worst years of my life. Honestly. It just sucks.

On a completely unrelated note, I’d like to greet one of my dearest friends, Jaz, a happy (belated) birthday! We met back in college but we really only started talking, hanging out, and getting close months before graduation. Since then, we’ve kept in touch. I stayed with her when I visited New York in 2016 (READ: Part 1 & Part 2) and we’ve been planning this one major trip but we had to push it back, given the circumstances.

Anyway, Jaz, thanks for being such an awesome friend and thank you for always reading my blog posts. Haha! I appreciate you so much and I can’t wait to see you soon!

Oh, and another, completely, unrelated note, I’m back on Instagram! Can I just say that taking a break, even for just a month, was so hmm… refreshing? Haha! I’m glad I took that break, honestly. Anyhoo, like I’ve mentioned before, Instagram is my favourite app, so if you’re there, let’s be friends! πŸ™‚

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