Bali | October 2019

I remember the day of our flight like it was yesterday LOL. It was the only time I had to submit all of my requirements for graduate school, even though the deadline was still a few days later, but I would have still been in Bali by then. I had to drop by Clark to pick up my letter of recommendation, wait for said letter while worrying if I would make it, head to Taft to submit my requirements, and assure myself that everything was complete (because if I had missed anything, I would have to wait for the next round of application dates) and that I would still have plenty of time to calm down before our flight. It was pretty stressful and oh did I mention that it was only a week before all of this happened that I finally decided to apply? You see I ~totally~ wanted this and ~totally~ prepared for this. Oh and right, the entrance exam was a week after I submitted the requirements! That was quite a ride getting into graduate school.

Anyhow, back to Bali! The reason we flew to Bali was to attend Ashley’s wedding. I met Ashley during my senior year in high school and we used to hang out quite a lot (from school breaks to practises to Friday nights) and she used to always give the best hugs. We kept in touch even after I graduated, and I remember having lunch and meeting Matthew for the first time in Sydney, back in 2016. (READ: Sydney 2016) Here’s a photo gallery of our weekend in Bali. 🙂

The villa that we stayed at, which of course, I have already forgotten the name of.
Daily breakfast situation.
Down time / work time
A selfie before I got thrown to the pool, courtesy of Ysabel…
Aice ice cream Frieeh and I hunted for.
Street art in Canggu
A very boujee place we went to for coconut juice and to take like two photos. LOL

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