An Untitled Survey

A survey? A survey. Brings me back to the good old tumblr days. Answering this one before I attempt to finish my case conceptualisation report for class. Oh and I got the questions from Jolens’ post! 🙂

Do you like being the one who makes moments memorable?

Never really thought about this. Yes, but no.

What is something you find childish?

When people deliberately make you feel uncomfortable. Oh and when they act all nice in front of your face then say the worse things / mock you behind your back.

Do you think you need to take a better grasp on reality?

I think I’m pretty okay.

What is your favorite type of dance?

Uhh… I don’t really know, but I wish I knew how to ballroom dance. Or like dance in general. LOL

Are you thankful for what you have in life?


Where do you spend almost all of your time?

At work and at home.

Do you believe you are blessed?


What does your day normally consist of?

I go to work Monday to Fridays, I have class Monday & Thursday nights and Saturday afternoons, I spend my weekends at home. I don’t really have a structure for my weekends — I just do what I feel my well-being needs. And that’s usually sleep. LOL

Do you need someone who’s weak to boost your confidence?


Are you a very opinionated person?

No, not really.

Last shot you had at your doctor’s office?

Oh I don’t even remember.

Do you have really bad trust issues?

I’m not sure. I think so? It usually takes me a very, very, very long time to trust others.

You’re hungry now, where would you go to eat?

To my grandparents’ house because it’s almost dinner!

Are you good at managing your own money?

Yes, I think so. I rarely splurge.

When I say good hygiene, what is the first thing you think of?


Do you find making scenes in public fun?


What was the last bad thing you said to someone or vice versa?

Uhh… I don’t know?

Do you think everyone in this world is fake?

No, not fake. It’s just that people (sometimes) do and say things according to what others want to see and hear, out of fear of getting judged or misunderstood. And also to avoid conflict. (Following what Jolens said about Goffman’s dramaturgical approach, there is also Jung’s concept of the persona, the “face” an individual decides to show others).

Your favorite sing-along song?

It depends! Some days it’s broadway, Disney, worship, the 80’s, R&B…

Do you wipe your mouth with your sleeve, or do you use a napkin?


Is there something that currently doesn’t make any sense to you?


What was the last thing you charged?

My laptop is currently charging.

Would you say things slip your mind a lot?

Oh, yeah, absolutely. I always have to write everything down so I can remember things. Taking mental notes used to work well for me until more things started slipping my mind.

Last time you stubbed your toe?

A few weeks ago.

Have you had a pretty good day so far?

I think so! I slept in, had a big brunch, had a four-hour class (ugh, I know right), and I’m now about to have dinner.

What do you think about girls with short hair?

Well I’m a girl with short hair so I think girls with short hair are alright LOL (READ: Short Hair — Why did I do it?)

Can you sit still for very long?


Lemonade or Pink Lemonade?


Where do you feel safest?

Hmm… Right now… Uhh. Nowhere.

Photo from Canva.

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