List of Three Vol. I

And here we are finally starting this new project! I’ve been thinking about what to include in my List of Three all week, and unfortunately, I broke my own rules. As you scroll down, you’ll see that I only have one event for each main bullet, when there’s supposed to be three. Sorry about that, but it’s better than forcing something to come out of nothing and well, we want to be genuine here! If you’re thinking about doing this project, you are absolutely free to tweak it, so long as there’s still a list of three. 🙂


For the first time in a very, very, very long time, our family had a Trick-or-Treat / Halloween party at home. It wasn’t really a party, we just dressed up, got candies from our parents, and had black and orange coloured food for dinner.

The initial plan was to dress in black or orange, but in the end, we all dressed up. After spending so much time searching for the easiest, last-minute DIY costume on Google, I settled with Rosie the Riveter (I didn’t want to be Minnie Mouse again).


The pimple patch on the left is from Olive Young and the one on the right is from Watson’s.

My breakouts have been non-stop since the quarantine started. I completely stopped wearing make-up and abandoned my skincare routine (during the early days of quarantine), monitored what I ate, made sure I was always well-rested and not stressed, frequently cleaned my room and changed my sheets, but still, the breakouts kept coming. It’s most probably some kind of a hormonal imbalance. I don’t know, I really don’t know.

At one point, I ran out of pimple patches from the only brand that I like (the one on the left). I never thought I would ever need to buy and hoard pimple patches since I used to only get occasional zits. Heck the last pack that I had wasn’t even mine, I asked my parents if I could have theirs. LOL anyway, my mum went to Watson’s last week and I asked her if she could buy pimple patches and thankfully, the brand that she got actually works really well! I’m still in the process of observing how well the new patches work, I’ll give it two more weeks.


Trick-or-treat at work and we needed to wear black/orange. A colleague brought a Chucky doll LOL

I’ve been so unproductive this whole week and I’ve only done the bare minimum for work and school. The only productive activity I’ve done is for miscellaneous stuff — getting my blog back to life, having posts lined up, and ticking items (ie. laundry) off my to-do list for the weekend. Other than that, I’ve got nothing.

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