Day 30: Highs and Lows for the Month

21 April 2020 10:33
Day 36 of Lockdown


  • Helped fixed the house
  • Started doing my devo again
  • Read a lot
  • Brought my blog back to life
  • Successfully chose not to spend as much time on social media
  • Revived an old hobby — started colouring again 🙂
  • Family time
  • Doing this challenge!


  • Zero schoolwork done
  • Murdered my body-clock
  • Had A LOT of overthinking sprees

And this is my last post for the 30-day Writing Challenge! We’re done, we did it friends! I truly enjoyed having something to write about everyday. There were days I was too lazy to do this but I’m happy I fought through that laziness (except for the time I posted late like twice, I think).

Completing this challenge also helped me accomplish a few of my goals — I ended up establishing (some kind of) a routine, went back to writing, said hello to my blog after the longest time, and even wrote a letter I’ve been meaning to write. I’m a little sad this challenge is over…maybe I’ll look for another challenge to do.

One thought on “Day 30: Highs and Lows for the Month

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