Day 23: A Love Letter to My K1 Babies

To the most special babies—

It has been nine months since we’ve greeted each other with morning hugs, high fives, and magic hello words. I still think about all of you from time to time, I still replay those memories that brought so much happiness, those little things that made all of you so special. It has also been nine months since I’ve wanted to write a love letter to you, but I never had the courage to do it because I wasn’t ready to conclude one of the best years I’ve had.

We had our dance parties (dance parties that Teacher Maddie never participated in because of her lack of coordination), our songs for our camera words (which, of course, you pointed out that they all had the same tune), our pancake days (Teacher Maddie and Teacher EJ are happy to report that by the end of the school year, all students have developed a love for pancakes with fruits and honey on top), our playlist (random songs from George Ezra to Post Malone that you request Teacher Maddie to play, songs that have been used as part of our lesson), our crazy countdowns, our big and small celebrations (remember when you helped Teacher Maddie surprise Teacher EJ with a cupcake on her birthday?), Teacher Maddie’s drawings (you all would always stifle a laugh because those drawings rarely ever looked like what they were supposed to), our Fun Fridays (days when you were allowed to bring your own toys for you to play with but halfway through the school year, you started bringing toys so your friends could borrow them and you would end up playing with our everyday classroom toys), among so many others.

We had our challenging times — Teacher Maddie crying over her dog, BM refusing to say anything throughout the day, IA who just wanted to keep moving and dancing, KB with the wet wipe every morning, SC taking the entire hour to finish one worksheet, SS crying the whole day, and SW with the most philosophical questions that needed answers on. the. spot. We definitely had more, and together, with our big boy and big girl talks and agreements, we all left our tropical rainforest classroom with so much growth and capacity to understand.

There were days Teacher Maddie and Teacher EJ couldn’t hide their problems with a brave and happy face but during those times, all of you with your little hands would always attempt to show your care and comfort. There were also those days when one of your friends would be crying and you would ask me if they were okay, to which I would say “why don’t you ask him?” and you would instantly go to your friend and ask them what was wrong and attempt to comfort them. When our Essential Agreements weren’t followed and Teacher calls you for a “talk,” you’re able to understand why what you did was wrong, and then sincerely apologise.

There are so many things that I’m so proud of, but one thing that really makes my heart burst is the fact that all of you have grown to be so caring and understanding. It was probably a month or two after the school year started that I emphasised how important it was for everybody to be caring. We started with ourselves, with our friends, with our families, with our teachers, with our things, and we even started caring about our planet Earth especially while we were in school! Remember when you opted to use your hand towels after washing your hands instead of wiping them using paper towels? As we progressed through the school year, you showed just how responsible you all have grown. You patiently waited for your turns, did your best to finish all your work, did almost everything independently (inside the classroom), and you even constantly reminded each other to follow our Essential Agreements!

I have no words for the impact all of you had on me. I am so blessed to have been with you, to have taught you, to have grown with you, and to have been your teacher. You will always hold a big space in my heart.

I hope and pray that in the future, our paths will cross again and we’ll get to greet each other with one of our magic hello words and a big hug. Until then, I’ll be cheering and rooting for you.


Teacher Maddie ❤️

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