Day 19: Discuss Your First Love

10 April 2020 19:47
Day 25 of Lockdown

We were both in the eighth grade class
I’ve forgotten how everything even started,
But I remember the feeling of officially being in a relationship —
The thrill of keeping it from everyone;
Constant text messages, chats,
And phone calls when everyone was asleep;
Going to school early, going home late in the afternoon;
Weekend “dates” at the playground;
The smallest and silliest fights;
Having codes, songs, and pet names.
The school year ended before we knew it.
But we thought summer would come and go,
we thought nothing would change,
we thought we would finish high school together.
But things started going wrong and
in a blink of an eye, everything ended.

He was my first boyfriend.
I thought it was love.
I didn’t even know what “love” was.

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