Day 18: 30 Facts About Yourself.

09 April 2020 21:37
Day 24 of Lockdown

  1. I love everything about Christmas.
  2. I prefer neutrals over patterns.
  3. I love literally anything old school/vintage/retro.
  4. I don’t like telling people my age because their reactions are pretty offensive. There. I said it.
  5. I want a Scandinavian interior for my future home.
  6. I love lists.
  7. I find satisfaction in organising things.
  8. I like doing the laundry and folding clothes.
  9. I dislike doing the dishes and doing anything related to bathrooms.
  10. I used to collect snow globes and scented candles.
  11. I once had a “nautical” phase LOL
  12. I wish I could bake. And cook actual meals.
  13. Korean is my favourite cuisine.
  14. There are so many places I want to live in.
  15. I love polar bears.
  16. Barley and chamomile tea are my favourites.
  17. I have a love/hate relationship with social media.
  18. I love reading.
  19. I have stopped allowing myself to buy post-its because I still have enough to last me years.
  20. I have trust issues.
  21. Tears come before words when I’m angry.
  22. The reality that we only have one life to live overwhelms me.
  23. I’m stingy. No shame. 🙂
  24. My favourite colour is red. But most of the things I own are either black or white.
  25. I miss being a preschool teacher.
  26. I can’t stand being around people who are rude.
  27. The type of coffee I drink depends on the situation.
  28. 90% of the people I’ve met have admitted that their first impression of me was wrong.
  29. I’ve always wanted to go on a theme park date.
  30. I love daisies.

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