Day 13: What are you excited about?

04 April 2020 14:25
Day 19 of Lockdown

  1. Momma’s super late birthday party. My mom was supposed to have a disco party in Manila last month, but the whole event was cancelled because of COVID. It’s a big year for my mom so she sort of decided to still have like a mini party — it was supposed to be on the last day of March but we’re having it tonight instead.
  2. The outside world. Staying at home when you want to and having the option to go out whenever you want is different than staying at home because you need to. I love staying at home but I miss the outside world. I even miss going to Manila for school.
  3. Next week. I’ve been spending the past two weeks doing whatever I wanted. I’ve been watching shows, reading, blogging, cleaning — all these things to keep me sane but there’s one thing I haven’t laid a single finger on. My academics. I haven’t been studying, reading materials for school, working on requirements. None at all. So I figured that if I start making myself think I’m looking forward to doing all these school stuff next week, I’d actually end up getting work done.
  4. Alaska posts. Like I said, it’s been four years since my trip to Alaska and I thought I would be done working on them in 2017. But nope, I got lazy. But just this week, I finally had the drive to really set the time aside (WOW if only I had the same attitude for schoolwork) to get these posts together, including browsing through a multitude of photos, which is honestly so time consuming. Writing about my Alaska trip is actually something I’ve been looking forward to. So yeah, I’m excited because I’ve been meaning to do this and I’m halfway done!

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