Day 10: A Letter to My 2025 Self

01 April 2020 15:10
Day 16 of Lockdown

Dear 2025 Maddie,

How’s it going?

Were you able to get your MA degree? Were you able to take the boards after graduation and secure that license? Did you finally, finally FINALLY come to terms with your decision? I sure hope so. You put so much pressure on yourself by choosing to do this. I hope by now, you’re happy and content with your academic progress and career. I hope by now, you’ve already taken the appropriate steps toward your doctorate degree. Sorry I sound like I’m putting so much pressure on you, you know how you are. Hopefully though by 2025, you’re no longer this hard on yourself.

How’s that other thing you’re passionate about? Have you been travelling? Have you attempted to at least try to visit the places you’re always going off about in your head? You probably have. You’ve probably crossed a few places off your list. Knowing how you are once you make your mind up, you’ve probably done your best to satisfy those always restless, eager-to-wander, feet of yours.

How about your relationship? How’s that going? Are you married now? Do you have a family now? I definitely hope so.

How’s your finances? The first few months of 2020 sure took a toll on your finances, but I know you’re not as reckless when it comes to money matters, so the next few years are probably better. I hope you’ve saved enough, and still continue to save because as you know, money is not a joke and you never know what will happen.

How’s your relationship with the Lord? I hope your faith in Him has gotten stronger and deeper over the years. I hope you’re finally doing what you’ve been called to do. You should know how much this has frustrated you over the years.

It was your childhood dream to build an orphanage. Did that happen? Yes? If it hasn’t happened yet, I hope you’re still working towards achieving that dream.

Where are you now? Did you decide to stay? Were you able to live in another country, as you’ve always wanted? Are you happy? I pray you’re not living a life of regret. I pray you’re not living the kind of life that resulted from being afraid of making choices. I pray you’ve already stopped thinking about unnecessary, irrelevant “what if’s.” I pray you’ve finally internalised just how powerful the saying “you only get one life” is, and finally acted on it. I pray you’ve finally realised how brave you are. I pray you’re happy wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.

2020 Maddie

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