Day 6: Five Ways to Win Your Heart

28 March 2020 22:50
Day 12 of Lockdown

I have spent the whole day thinking about how to start today’s writing challenge. One reason why I didn’t want to do it was because it was so personal to the extent that I thought it would basically just be me indirectly telling J what I want him to do so he could ~win my heart.~ But just as I was brushing my teeth (LOL) I thought of another way to write this post, without focusing too much on my relationship.

Before setting all these expectations for people around me, I need to start with myself first (I am (and will always be) a work in progress, cliche I know but it’s true). It wouldn’t be fair to set all these standards/expectations when I can’t even meet them myself. So, here’s how I show my appreciation for people around me (otherwise known as my attempt to win their hearts) and/or five ways to win my heart.

  1. BE GENUINE. There is no point saying and doing things when you don’t even mean them.
  2. SHOW RESPECT. Easier said than done.
  3. COME THROUGH. It’s easy to get carried away, especially when making plans, promises, or whatever. But actually doing what you planned and promised isn’t exactly the easiest. This one is something I’m quite miserable at and I’m doing my best to be better at it. I used to keep saying “yes” and “okay” whenever my friends would suggest something, and I would end up bailing just because I didn’t feel like it anymore. And it’s wrong. I’ve learned that even though it’s something I can easily shrug off, it might not be the same with the person I had set plans with.
  4. BE THOUGHTFUL. And caring. Calls and messages throughout the day, random acts of kindness, going the extra mile, doing little things, taking the time do something, praying for them, letting them know you’re proud of them and that you support them, you know things like that. Being thoughtful is something that is so important to me, honestly. If there’s one thing I want people to remember me by, it would be this one.
  5. ALLOT TIME. LOL I might be a little biased here because hello love language. This is just me okay…Relationships (whether it be with your family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, significant other) grow when a significant amount of time is allotted. How can you get to know your colleague better if you don’t spend time with them? How can you have a better relationship with your uncle if you don’t take the time to hang out with him? If you don’t take the time to do something, nothing will change. Writing and saying words of affirmation, buying gifts, doing acts of service, or even physical touch to show love and care, still take time. You wouldn’t be able to do all these things if you didn’t allot time for them. 

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