Day 4: Must-haves in My Purse

26 March 2020 22:53
Day 10 of Lockdown

  1. PHONE. Not included because I used it to take a photo.
  2. WALLETS. I bring a purse and a card holder. I used to carry a big/long wallet before but I’ve always thought those kinds of wallets were more susceptible to getting stolen (even when there’s no moolah in it lol). Now that I heavily rely on cashless transactions, I only just bring a purse (I got it as a present from years ago) for my coins and a few bills and a card holder (that one thing I bought when we were in Palm Springs).
  3. MAKE-UP PURSE. I got the little canvas drawstring tote thingamajig as a souvenir from a friend’s debut and all those babies (hand cream, ointment, alcohol, perfume, eyedrops, lipsticks, and lip balm) go in there.
  4. TISSUE. Not included in the photo whoopsie.
  5. AirPods.
  6. PEN.

PS. Today’s writing challenge was supposed to be about someone who motivates you. But Moi, Shai, and I agreed to change it. 


One thought on “Day 4: Must-haves in My Purse

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