Seoul | Valentine’s Day Weekend 2020

Last February, my mom, aunt, and I spent Valentine’s Day in Seoul. It was a pretty spontaneous trip — a trip I wasn’t even supposed to have, but I’m so thankful I was able to go.

Our flight was right on Valentine’s Day. It was our first time flying with t-way and for a budget airline, the experience wasn’t bad at all.

We landed in Seoul before midnight and made it through immigration quickly. Walking through the usually busy airport felt a little eerie, to be honest. It was too quiet. (You can actually feel coronavirus taking a toll on the tourism industry. No kidding).

Our first day started early as we headed out for Gyeongju. Gyeongju is a historically significant place in the southern part of South Korea. It was the capital of the Silla dynasty — one of Korea’s three dynasties. Gyeongju is also a very memorable place for my family, having spent quite a few holidays there. The last time I was in Gyeongju was about six years ago, and I couldn’t believe how much the city has changed.

We took the bus from Seoul and arrived in Gyeongju four (or five) hours later. We immediately took a cab to the traditional bibimbap place we would always go to before.

After lunch, we walked around the city. We walked by the tombstones (you know you are definitely in Gyeongju when…), dropped by the new Starbucks, strolled through the old and new shopping areas. Even with all the changes, the city was still so peaceful and quiet. It was so relaxing.

Before heading to Singyeongju Station for our train back to Seoul, we stopped by the market. We bought fruits and ate at one of the street food stalls inside the market. As authentic as it gets. 🙂

It snowed the whole day on our last full day. I was never a fan of below zero temperatures but since November last year, I started appreciating the cold LOL

After going to Myeongdong Cathedral, we decided to have brunch in Cafe Adagio by Paris Baguette. I love breakfast but I’m not a big breakfast eater so I asked my mom if it would be okay to share with her.

“Phones eat first” LOL

We had planned to spend the day in Apgujeong and Garosugil. Our cab driver dropped us off across Apgujeong Rodeo, so we just started walking around the area. It was snowing so hard and after a while, we opted to hang out at a coffee shop first. We wanted to try the bubble tea from Ediya Coffee, but they were all out, so we went to Gongcha instead.

We walked around some more afterwards, then we started getting lost trying to get to Garosugil. Out of frustration (and lack of wifi), we took a cab and less than three minutes later, we had arrived in Apgujeong. We then had late lunch in one of the restaurants that served traditional noodles.

I met up with Ann in this coffee shop (which I forgot the name of) somewhere around Garosugil. We sat right by the window and I cannot tell you how cozy it was — the snow constantly falling, sipping the perfect cup of coffee, and catching up with an old friend.

Ann was celebrating her birthday a few days later and I decided to surprise her with her favourite Filipino chips. I wanted to put everything inside a box with a ribbon on it, so that it would it actually look like a birthday present, but I just didn’t have enough time to do that. Heck I only bought her chips on our way to the airport. LOL

I headed to Lotte World Mall to meet up with my mom and aunt. We walked around for a bit before heading back to Myeongdong.

We couldn’t decide what to have for dinner, so we decided to get McDonald’s. We brought it back to the hotel and spent the rest of the night talking and watching.

Before heading to the airport on our last day, we finally tried the coffee shop across our hotel. We all thought Rolling Pin was a small coffee shop with a small selection of bread and drinks but nope. It was your ultimate brunch place with an amazing menu and an amazing interior.

We then spent the rest of the morning walking through the department stores on the opposite side of the street. (I’m only realising just how little photos I took during our trip. Haha but I’ve got a video on the way so I hope it makes up for the lack of photos). We had lunch and coffee before heading to the airport.

It was a very relaxing weekend — we didn’t have a set itinerary, and we basically spent majority of our time walking, talking, and drinking coffee. I was just grateful I was able to go on a trip with my mom and aunt. 🙂

Writing about this now feels like this trip happened so long ago, what with the lockdown and all… I can’t believe how quickly everything escalated because of the coronavirus. If you’re reading this, thank you for reaching the end of the post. LOLJK. Stay safe, stay at home (if possible), stay healthy, and pray. God is in control. ❤️

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