Finally Decluttering & Reorganising My Stuff!

Disclaimer: I’m not complaining and I’m not being ungrateful for the things I have, I’ve just decided that it’s high time to get my room cleaned, organised, and minimise the amount of stuff I have. 

I won’t even deny it. There’s just too much stuff in my room. Stuff I haven’t used, stuff I no longer use, stuff I haven’t touched in YEARS, stuff that’s just eating space up in my room.

I started the year wanting to declutter and reorganise. I sort of did. I started with my clothes, I even started selling them. But it stopped there. I thought I would get some tidying up every couple of weeks but nope, it completely stopped. So eight months later, with more drive than ever, I’m back to decluttering and reorganising. And I pray I finish this strong even when it starts getting difficult and tiring!

DAY 1: 01 / 08 / 19

Just a quick introduction. My room is a typical-sized bedroom, I have no idea what the measurements are. The walls are painted in four different shades of green (I know right?) because more than 10 years ago, when my mom asked all of us what colour we wanted our rooms to be, I said I wanted mine to be green, because at that time, my favourite colour was green… The curtains are purple (again, I know right?) because a few years after the wall repaint, my mom asked us what colour we wanted our curtains to be. I said I wanted them purple, because at that time, YUP, my favourite colour was purple. Fast forward to years and years later, I’ve come to regret those choices, but what can I do right? I loved green and purple back then! Haha I tried to ask my mom if I could repaint the wall, told her I was willing to do the job, but no… she didn’t answer (which basically means no) and later told me the whole repainting thing was costly. So the only thing I can do now is to work around the four shades of green, and I can start by changing my curtains to a softer hue.

It’s true every time I would come home for the weekend (from Baguio (during middle and high school), from Manila (college), from Clark and Manila (work), or coming home after a trip), I would unpack my things, dump the things I don’t need for the week, and leave them in any available space in my room. There was even a point I couldn’t sleep (let alone SIT) on my bed because I decided to substitute it as my closet.

I have two closets and four drawers; basically all the storage I have for all my stuff. Some of clothes I haven’t used since high school. Those drawers…well I have no idea what’s in them since I don’t open them. The closet situation is embarrassing. All those clothes stored up there, all those clothes that can be given to others who need them, all those clothes that would be better off with new owners.

There’s a pretty big space on both sides of the closet. But the space on the right (AKA dumpster) is pretty awkward. I think that space is meant for a TV set or a vanity but since I don’t have any, the space is currently being used as another storage area. Those stuffed animals (half of those aren’t mine….wow defensive haha) need to be washed and maybe donated. The box covered in white is full of old clothes that I don’t use…I remember telling my mom I wanted to discard/sell/donate them but I guess it never happened. And the brown box basically just has another box inside. -_____-

The stuff on “display” around my room had gotten SO dusty, almost half of my snow globes started to break, and I don’t know, things just keep piling on top of one another! Just by looking at this area makes me want to abort the whole decluttering and reorganising mission. But I know that if I don’t start small, if I don’t start somewhere, nothing will change. The mess will stay. And ya girl is done with that.

These are the side tables in my room. I don’t use them, I see them as another space I can put stuff in. I have random things hidden inside those drawers, and even more random things piled on them. Wow I even have wet wipes on top of the fan!

Another area that invites clutter. This table is right by the door. Books, notebooks, pens, slippers…random stuff.

DAY 2: 02 / 08 / 19

I asked how used planners are typically stored. There’s a part of me that wants to keep them, and a bigger part that wants to get rid of all of them. I can either put it in a box (maybe that’s what I’ll do for now) or place them on a shelf (most probably do this in the future when I have a shelf).

DAY 3: 03 / 08 / 19

I spent my Saturday afternoon trying to minimise the mess in my room. I started by going through the random shoe boxes and paper bags, throwing things that were no longer important, and placing everything else in one bag so I could re-evaluate them later, and do the whole minimising process again.

Then, I cleared out the left side of my closet, thought about the stuff I wanted to place in there, and started organising. I didn’t get far. Since I hadn’t gotten through all the bags and boxes in my room yet, I decided not to completely organise it yet. Instead, I sort of dumped all the things I wanted to keep in that half of the closet. I temporarily hung a few of my jackets, bags, and travel kits too since there was finally space.

The rest of the things inside my room that I still have to go through. After this, I can FINALLY start reorganising! The big bag next to the closet is full of stuff I’m going to sell and donate — I left it there for the time being since I’m still not done looking through everything, I’m sure I will still have stuff to put in there.

Wait I just remembered. I still have things around the house that I have yet to bring to my room…ok still a little bit far from done, but PROGRESS IS PROGRESS. 

I still haven’t touched the stuff on the table and the stuff on the other side of the closet. I put things together, left them there, and yeah, I need to get some work done on that side of the room.

This is how one half of my room looks like and I know I’m FAR from done but seeing this already makes me happy! Removing the side tables has already made a big difference. I’m planning to rearrange the bed, make it face the other window (the window that the snow globes are facing if that makes sense), and place that shelf (?) on the opposite side.

DAY 4: 04 / 08 / 19

I didn’t think I would be spending my entire Sunday afternoon cleaning. At this point, I feel pretty exhausted and I can’t even tell if I’m making much progress. I’m just holding on to the fact that no matter how little I do in a day, it still makes a difference.

I started off by placing all the books and journals I want to keep inside this box. It’s only a temporary fix and I feel like placing that huge box there is a bad idea, since I might just start dumping stuff in there.

I placed a shoe rack on the awkward space next to my closet. Another temporary fix. I’m thinking about placing a shelf there for all my books, journals, and stationaries. But for now, I decided to put the shoe rack there. (And I’m so happy it perfectly fits!) Shoe racks tend to get dusty and they tend to make a corner look sad (I don’t know if that’s just me). So I’ll be putting my snow globes and my only three trophies on the top rack, and my shoes on the other racks.

I rearranged the bed and placed my crazy investment I like to call my Pretty, Expensive, Lamp. LOL I still haven’t touched any of my clothes, they are still all over the place. My closet situation is still the same as yesterday, I decided not to touch anything in there today. I think I’m going to leave that out until the end.

I also removed the curtains and I’m thinking about having them changed to white. I found white curtains in the storage room so that’s what I’ll be using after all the heavy cleaning.

So that’s the first five days of this whole cleaning and organising journey! I’d like to think I was able to get quite a lot of stuff done but yeah like I’ve mentioned, I’m still far from done. If you want to see how this turns out, I’ll be posting an update next Friday 🙂

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