Singapore (Days 2 & 3) | November 2018

Wow it has been six months since I wrote part one of this trip that happened eight months ago… Okay okay here goes days two and three of our Singapore trip!

Our main agenda for the second day was to head over to Sentosa. We started the day at 10 AM, a little bit later that the original time we had agreed on. We walked to the subway station from our hostel, headed to Vivo City, and had breakfast at McDonald’s.

I was torn between having coffee or coke (I was badly craving for coke at the time lol) but I ended up getting coke……haha we (sorta) took our time having breakfast before finally heading to the tram that would take us to Sentosa.

Our first stop was Resorts World. It was then when I got all the major feels — I started missing my family. I remembered all the times we spent around the area, having a “George,” having late night snacks from McDonald’s or Starbucks…….ok anyway.

After taking a few photos, we walked towards the Merlion Plaza. We initially planned to go around ~this~ part of Sentosa but after looking at the prices, we decided against it. The attractions were priced individually (there were only a few for free) so purchasing a certain pass was necessary. We did the math and decided to go to Universal Studios instead — and I mean it’s Universal Studios and going to one is already an experience itself if ya ask me!

So off we went to Universal Studios! It was already past noon after we bought our tickets so we quickly went to the park and tried to make the most out of it.

We dropped by our hostel to freshen up before going to Marina Bay Sands. We wanted to catch the show and visit the Gardens by the Bay but we got there right when it closed. 😦 So after strolling around for a bit, we took the subway and headed to Chinatown to grab a few things for pasalubong.

The morning of our last day was spent at a marketplace away from the city center. I can’t remember the name of the place, but it was near Queensway. IF I’m not mistaken. I unfortunately don’t have photos from that morning but here’s what we did:

  • Bought a bunch of chocolates, cookies, and candy at the dollar store
  • Went to a local supermarket
  • Had brunch at a hawker center
  • Tried the famous “carrot cake.” We all thought it was some kind of a dessert, but it was a dish. I don’t know if it’s meant to be eaten with rice but…

We dropped by our hostel to repack our suitcases before heading to Orchard. At this point, the weather was starting to get crazy. It was hot and sunny, and then started pouring after a while. Welcome to Southeast Asia.

We strolled around Orchard for the rest of the afternoon and we had one of those ice cream sandwiches. I remember really looking forward buying one since it was so hot and because I was already getting hungry again. Haha

We had a few more stops before taking the bus that was supposed to bring us back to Clarke Quay. But we got lost yet again. We ended up at the place we were at when we got lost the night before. We decided to get off the bus when we realised we were lost again and looked for the nearest subway. At this point, the rain had gotten stronger — we had no umbrellas and raincoats, we were drenched.

We finally arrived in Clarke Quay around 7-730 PM — perfect time for dinner. We tried Song Fa Bak Kut Teh, a restaurant a few steps away from our hostel. This meal was honestly quite an experience. I’ve been to Singapore before but I’ve never had bak kut teh. I can’t tell you how good it was — the meat was so tender, the broth was amaaaazing, and it wouldn’t have been complete without the sauce with lots of chili! BEST.

We still had a couple of hours to spare after dinner so we headed back to the hostel to freshen up since we were going to work right when we land. I was all set to take a shower only to find out my suitcase locked itself up. I was on the verge of freaking out — I tried all these lock combinations, trying to figure out if I did anything wrong while repacking, called my parents, googled possible solutions….. but in the end, the only solution was to go to the nearest Rimowa store, which was in Marina Bay Sands.

We took a Grab to MBS, I paid SGD15, and it literally only took about 10 seconds for the Rimowa person to unlock my luggage! Ever since then, I’ve been so careful not to overpack and play with the lock. 😛 From MBS, we took the subway to the airport, checked in, and had McDonald’s before our flight.

Here’s the VIDEO if ya wanna watch!

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