Singapore | November 2018

This Singapore trip with my co-teachers Maida, Karen, Thea and Bria ~officially~ started on the 29th of November. Around 4 PM to be exact. Haha I remember looking forward to this trip, but that whole week was all about deadlines. And the obvious thing to do was to prioritise all the deadlines, so that’s what I did. So that Wednesday, after finishing everything, I went home, and I should’ve already started packing. I actually did BUT ya girl decided to go out. I got home around midnight and by that time, I was too tired and too sleepy to get any packing done.

So when I woke up the next morning, I was basically all over the place. I was getting ready for work while packing for the trip. I was fixing my work bag while fixing my carry-on bag. And I kept reminding myself not to forget anything because there just isn’t enough time to go back after work. Spoiler alert: I forgot to pack a towel. We were staying at a hostel and it didn’t cross my mind to pack a towel. So I had to go back for it. Nice one Maddie.

Got my bags (and towel…) and we were all set to go. We dropped by the bank first so we could all withdraw and then headed to the airport. Not so fun fact: It was my first time making use of the Park and Fly in Clark and I was honestly very. very. very. very. nervous. Since the parking space inside the airport was already full, I had no choice but to park outside. The guard basically had to reassure me that the car was going to be fine.

Getting our boarding passes didn’t take long. But what took quite a while, as it always does, is the payment for the Terminal Fee. The queue was not long, but it still took so looooong, and I really have no idea why. Anyway, our flight left later than it was supposed to. But when we finally boarded the plane and got settled, it literally took me just a few seconds after take-off to fall dead asleep. I slept through the entire flight even though I was on the aisle seat.

Bria all smiley happy and fresh while I was still trying to get myself to function from my nap

When we finally landed around 1AM, the first thing we did was to freshen up and reorganise our stuff. We were about to spend almost four long hours at the airport. Afterwards, we headed for the food court and had our late dinner.

It was only after our late dinner that we went through immigration, and found a half decent spot to spend the night in. I badly wanted to sleep but it was so unbelievably cold (I was already wearing one of those heat tech jackets and leggings; you already know who hates the cold…) and I was quite iffy about lying down on the chair… in the end though, I saw this couch and lied down. Still slept like a baby.

Before finally finally finally heading out to the city, we bought tourists passes for the public transport. Our passes were unlimited and they were good for three days. This was a purchase that was truly worth it (SGD 38). We knew we would be going around the city, and instead of buying tickets every time, we all decided to buy a tourist pass. I mean if we were to purchase single journey tickets throughout the trip and added it all up afterwards, it would’ve cost us way more than SGD 38.

I conked out soon after this photo was taken…
Love those soft-boiled eggs

We had breakfast at the mall before heading to our hostel. Our hostel was near Clarke Quay, so if we’re talking about its location and accessibility to public transport, it was perfect. But. The quality of the rooms and the restrooms though… Pretty far from perfect. Yes it was a hostel, we all should’ve seen that coming but you know, this one was just. I can’t even find the right words to talk about it. So. Moving on.

(oh ya we got there early and we weren’t even able to leave our things so we had to lug them around while waiting for 2PM)

Off we went to Lau Pa Sat to have lunch with Maida’s boyfriend’s sister. We all had chicken rice and sugarcane juice, basically as Singapore as it gets. 🙂 After eating, we took a cab to the Merlion Park, with all our luggages in tow. By this time, we were so tired and we all just badly wanted to take a rest and take a shower. We had no other choice though since we weren’t allowed to check-in until 2PM…

We then headed to the mall near Marina Bay Sands (I think it was the Marina Bay Link Mall but I’m not sure). Our main objective was to freshen up and enjoy some airconditioning. Haha

Around 1PM, we began our journey back to Clarke Quay. We spent the next two hours or so freshening up and taking a rest before heading back out again. It was so refreshing, finally being able to take a long shower after staying under the sun.

Our last stop for the day was Bugis Junction. We took the bus going there, and we all sat on the upper deck so we could get a nice view of the city.

We knew we were hungry, but we couldn’t decide where to eat. The kind of hunger when you’re totally fine with eating anything… Yup, it was that kind. We decided to walk through the market in Bugis, and since it was mostly just stalls of clothing, pasalubong, and streetfood, we kept searching. We ended up in a hawker center right by the market, and we decided to have laksa.

This was the best laksa I’ve ever ever ever had, to think it only cost SGD 3!!!!! I thought I could finish it without having Coke but after two bites, I gave in and bought a can of Coke….nice Maddie.

If I had money to spare, I would’ve bought a couple of these fruits… I love fruits I swear

That’s it for our first day in Singapore! We went home before 9, we were all too exhausted. It was a good decision though, we needed energy for our second day. 🙂

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