candy shield

There’s a reason why I’m not the biggest fan of online shopping. And you know what, I should be grateful for that. Haha I always get scared my money would get stolen, or my order would get lost in the mail. I’ve only ordered online twice and you can say both times were quite….crazy.

Now I’ve seen Candy Shield on my Instagram feed countless of times, though I’ve never really paid much attention to it because 1) I had a laptop sleeve that was working just fine and 2) I didn’t really think I needed a case. Then I realised that every time I would go out, my backpack would instantly get filled, and it was because of the laptop sleeve I had.

You see I decided to leave the foam/styro thingamajig to serve as an extra layer of protection for my laptop. The case already has cushion but just to be safe, I decided to leave the styro in there. Yes, that’s what made it bulky. So I decided to look for a case that would protect my laptop and a case that wouldn’t take too much space inside my bag. I wasn’t rushing to find the perfect case though but last January 6th, I finally decided to order one from Candy Shield.

Ordering from Candy Shield is easy as pie. When you get to their website, you’d just have to punch in your details — full name email, and Instagram handle.

The next step is selecting your order. Mine was just a case so I clicked on case, chose my Macbook model, and the colour that I wanted. I really liked how a little window would appear if you weren’t sure what model your laptop is. (See, I didn’t know you can check your MacBook model by looking at the bottom part haha)

Second to the last step (if I remember correctly), is filling out the shipping information. For this part, I keyed in all important information extra carefully because as I said earlier, I didn’t want my order to get lost. When I was done, you can bet I reviewed everything about four or five more times.

After clicking submit order, you will then proceed to the payment information. I opted for bank transfer — I wanted to pay through Cash on Delivery but there was an extra charge for that, so no thanks.

Ok. Now this is where I started getting ticked off.

January 6th: order and payment submitted.

January 7th: order picked up by Xpost and ready to be delivered.

January 9th: I get a text saying my order will be delivered. I was literally at work (I put my work address as my shipping address) the whole day but nobody delivered anything. So then I decided to check the online tracker and this is what I get:Can you just imagine how much I was freaking out when I saw this? January 9th, 5:11 in the morning, package received by Maddie Cruz. Maddie Cruz was still asleep at 5:11am how could she have received that package!!!

I called Xpost but NO ANSWER. I wanted to call Candy Shield but the only way you can contact them is through email or through their social media accounts. I wanted to talk to them on the phone since it would’ve been faster but nope. So then I emailed them, hoping for a quick response (they always reply at night), but I had to wait a couple of hours. But at least they acted on it right away, emailed Xpost, Cc’d me for visibility. I thought that was it, I thought Xpost was going to resolve the issue right away but nope.

January 11th:

  • I FINALLY get a call from an Xpost representative letting me know that my package was on hold. If it was on hold and he was unable to deliver it, why did he receive it on my behalf??? (he admitted he changed my order’s status to “received” and signed it).
  • He said he was unable to get inside my workplace (not very believable; there are guards 24/7 and he could’ve left the package with the guard and the guard could’ve just handed it to me).
  • He said he was unable to get in touch with me through my phone (this I cannot believe. When I got the text from Xpost saying my package was to be expected, I made sure I had cell service the whole day).
  • The worst part is the fact that they had my package on hold the whole time but it seemed like they had zero plans on letting me know what they were going to do with it. Anyway, I told the representative to deliver the package AGAIN on January 14th, re-sent him my shipping address. He acknowledged the message but nope, no package. I called and I messaged the number, but nothing at all..

January 15th: The package has finally finally finally been delivered. I didn’t bother asking the Xpost representative to tell me exactly what happened (at that point, I was honestly just. done.)

Anyway….I’ve only had my Candy Shield case for 24 hours but I’m really happy with how it fits, how it looks, and I really really love the colour. It doesn’t feel heavy but it still feels durable and that’s one quality that I really like. Regardless of what happened with Xpost, I’m really truly super happy with my new case from Candy Shield.

Candy Shield case on my laptop
I appreciated this little note from Candy Shield. It’s basically a quick reminder about the use of plastic, and what we can do to dispose plastic properly.

Throughout the whole delivery mishap, Candy Shield was actually very accommodating. None of my emails were left unanswered, and when I first emailed them about the whole thing, they messaged Xpost right away. The whole delivery issue thingamajig really only happened because of Xpost.
1. They messaged me that the package was going to be delivered on that day but it never arrived,
2. The Xpost representative received the package on my behalf,
3. They kept the package on hold and only let me know three days later, and
4. They didn’t come through with our final arrangement.
But yeah, at least my laptop case is finally here, there’s no damage or anything, so thanks Xpost for keeping it nice and damage-free.

There goes my experience with Candy Shield, Xpost, and my second time trying online shopping. I know (sadly) I can’t say that this is going to be the last time I’m ever going to buy anything online but I hope the next time I do… nothing like this happens again. Anyway… on the bright side, at least my laptop case is perfectly fine. Haha

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