2018: Year in Review

2018 definitely was not the best year. There was a multitude of trials, self-doubt, and confusion. Looking back now, even though it was a difficult year, 2018 was filled with so many twists and turns, not knowing that these were actually blessings in disguise.

I feel like the first six months belong to a different year, while the past six months were the only ones that ultimately defined 2018. And this makes it hard to look back, remember the bits and pieces that made each month (even in the tiniest sense) memorable.


The first month of 2018 was already quite a ride. I found out somebody from my high school batch passed away, and honestly this rattled me out. I also had my first breakdown (what a way to welcome 2018 right), stress + pressure = never a good combination. On the bright side though we had a cousin from the States visit us, and there’s this one mini date J and I had that for some reason I just can’t forget.


img_5346Like I’ve mentioned before, February is a month filled with celebrations. It was my grandpa’s birthday, Jik’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, and our anniversary. We didn’t have anything grand prepared for any of the celebrations, we just spent time together.


img_0133My family and I went to Cebu to support Mau on her last (high school) sports competition. It was the quickest trip, but it was okay.

img_0848During the Easter Break, we flew to Guam. We went a couple of days driving around the island and lounging on different beaches. I was supposed to make a post about this but welp it’s been 10 months…..


My co-teachers and I took a trip to Hong Kong for one long weekend back in April. I talked about the trip here and hereimg_1704We also got to watch The Lion King and ok I figured why it’s labelled as “The World’s #1 Musical!”


img_2435img_2520I don’t remember much about the month of May aside from Mother’s Day and Mau’s (high school) graduation. My mom wanted to head to the beach but we weren’t able to go since everything was already booked, so we decided to head to Clark instead.


183f49de-c417-4de2-8c6c-803b81995fd6My friends and I watched Jessica Sanchez’s concert. By the end of the night, everyone instantly became a fan of Jessica’s. LOL

img_2730Moi also graduated from college in June and we celebrated her graduation week in Manila.

The ending of my very first school year as a Teacher. I was just ecstatic I made it through the year in one piece — I got through all the paperwork, all the kids, being partner-less for a while, and all the deadlines!


This was the month I was really looking forward to since the beginning of the year. It was in July that I moved to Clark. I wasn’t able to move in right away, I thought it would be a bit of a waste to pay for an entire month’s worth of rent just to use the place for 10 days.

img_4290July was also when my entire family went on a holiday, this I’m honestly SO grateful for because it’s close to impossible to have both grandparents + parents + grandchildren all together at the same time. The entire trip was 3 weeks long, (I was only able to get 2 weeks off work so I had to leave before everyone), and we went to LA, Palm Springs, Orlando, and Miami, having endless reunions with our relatives.


I would say August was busy. It was dedicated to work — making sure everything was ready before the start of the school year. I didn’t think I would get through it, I was still nursing my hangover from my holiday + separation anxiety from my family but thankfully, I completed everything right on time.

August was also the month J hit 100,000 subscribers on YouTube! I thought I had a few days to plan his surprise party but everything was happening so fast; we were at the mall that Sunday and he was approaching 100,000 SO FAST I had no other choice but to purchase some of the things needed for his surprise party with him. In the end though, everything worked out well.

img_5128At the end of the month, some of my cousins and I (plus our plus ones) and Jik’s friends watched Chance the Rapper in Manila. It was a blast, and it was extra memorable because it was the first concert J and I watched together.


September mostly rotated around my work life, not gunna lie. The school year finally started, met my kids, and the hardest part begun — adjusting and getting used to the routines.

Aside from that though, my family frequently visited Clark for dinners and coffees, and I’m honestly so grateful for that.


img_8440My family and I watched Mamma Mia in Solaire. We all enjoyed the show and you can bet we had the Mamma Mia playlist downloaded on our phones after the show.

3a060a1e-d462-4b04-b7a7-1a3203221459img_9387During the Halloween Break, my family and I flew to Tokyo. The highlight of this trip was seeing Mt. Fuji and discovering Marunouchi Brick Square. ❤


I thought I knew what it meant to feel sad, demotivated, and lost. But November proved me wrong. I went to work, did what I had to do, but there was no drive. I showed no interest when people would try to ask me if I was okay. I felt so unhappy with where I was in my life, I didn’t even know I was doing the right thing.

It was around this time I actually put effort into my prayers. I started praying hard, not just every night before going to bed. I didn’t expect my prayers to be answered right away, but if anything, I started feeling a little more at ease.

img_3922I also appreciated how caring and thoughtful my friends are, they drove down to Pampanga for dinner and coffee on a Friday night (they got to Clark at 11, we all know how crazy Manila traffic gets on Fridays…..). I honestly thought it was because we were just having one of our monthly dinners but it was apparently because they thought something was going on.

On a lighter note……. My co-teachers and I took a trip to Singapore. I can’t remember when we started planning it or when we even bought our tickets. I wanted to be 100% excited for the trip but I had deadlines left and right and I knew that if I had unfinished work during the trip, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. I had to tuck any thoughts about the upcoming trip just so I could get everything done. Haha


93037a4a-271e-4281-a3e4-4cd770c050e8My favourite month of the year quickly went by. I wanted everything to slow down, I was barely able to feel the holiday spirit. The first day of the month silently rolled in, and before I knew it, I was already celebrating my birthday and having Christmas dinners.

9dec13c2-4bd7-482a-a658-e9fc8447be1fFor Christmas, my family and I went to Dubai. It’s my first time in the Middle East and it was quite an experience. One of my favourite things about traveling is experiencing “firsts.” I had quite a lot of firsts during that trip. 😉

img_0987For the rest of the break, I stayed back home with my family. We had our usual dinners at my grandparents, grocery shopping at S&R for the New Year, we prepared for New Year’s Eve, and we welcomed 2019 together.

2018 taught me A LOT. 2018 allowed me to grow, pray, get out of comfort zone, trust, be honest, be okay with relevant others to know what I honestly feel… So many things I’m grateful for. Thank you, 2018.

The first week of the year is almost over, and I can’t stop thinking about how this year is going to unfold. But as I’ve learned, there’s no point obsessing about how the future is going to turn out. Come what may, 2019. ❤

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