4/18 & 5/18

Out of it.

That’s what I’ve been feeling for the past two months, hence the lack of blog posts. I know myself pretty well and I know exactly why I’m in this state of demotivation. The reason is so simple, yet I’m not doing anything about it at all. But still, there’s always something to be thankful for, always something to be happy about.

  1. The first thing on my list is the happy reality that in just a few days (12 days from now!!!!), I’ll be out of Manila FOR GOOD. Whenever I get sad, I literally just think about the fact that I’ll be leaving soon and I end up feeling better.
  2. Hong Kong trip with my co-teachers. Never thought this would ever happen — I mean we’ve all just met and we didn’t plan on taking a trip at all, but it happened! I wrote about it here and here 🙂
  3. Random dinner dates.
  4. OCEAN Monthly Dinner. Thinking about our last monthly dinner honestly makes me sad. It’s been so nice to spend one night a month for the past year just to catch up with good friends. And now that I’m leaving Manila again, I’m not sure how often we’re going to be seeing each other.

  5. Watching The Lion King. It was such a good show and I’m just so happy thatI was able to experience it!
  6. My co-teacher’s wedding / the first wedding I’ve ever attended as a guest. Haha!
  7. Random Day Trip to Clark. I honestly thought I was going to have the laziest day on that mid-week holiday, but my mom told me she’d be going to Clark with Kup and Mig, so I ended up taking the Genesis Point 2 Point Bus from NAIA.
  8. Random Lunch Date with Moi.
  9. Mother’s Day Weekend / Discovering New Places. For Mother’s Day this year, we pretty much failed. Again. My mom wanted to go to the beach but everything was fully booked.

    We headed to Clark, Pampanga, an hour and a half drive away from home. We stayed at Fontana & Apollon Korea Country Club, a place I’ve never heard of before. (No one in my family takes interest in golf…)
  10. Post Mother’s Day Celebration at the Manila Peninsula.
  11. Grab’s Bad Service. OK STORYTIME. My aunt invited me for dinner at Medley Buffet in Okada. I booked a ride with grab, setting “Okada Manila Casino Area” as my drop off location thingamajig, but the driver dropped me off at the Employee Entrance (or whatever the name is). He asked me if this is where I was going, I said no, I’m supposed to get dropped off the Casino Area. He said he couldn’t take me there and literally just left me there SINCE HE HAD ANOTHER RIDER WAITING FOR HIM. It was unbelievable. So I decided to ask one of the guards how to get to the Casino Area, they said it was too far to walk and they offered to have one of the golf carts pick me up and bring me to the Casino Area instead. So thank you for that service, Okada!
  12. That one hang out with friends in Baguio.
  13. Sunday Dinner. My grandparents were away for a while, so when they got back, we all had dinner, before heading back down to Manila.
  14. Mau’s Graduation. My youngest sister is done with high school…. WHAT.

    Also… That dude on the leftmost is the Headmaster. LOL.
  15. And of course, J. Like I said, I’ve been feeling all sorts of demotivation and sadness and all that, but one phone call from this guy always does the trick.

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