Hong Kong Day 2: Day Trip to Macau, Night Market at Mong Kok, Avenue of Stars

Hi, blog. It’s been a while and I didn’t mean to go this long without a blog post… I’ve been distracted by a lot of things (and by a lot I mostly just mean reading Harry Potter. Haha) So here I am, continuing my post about the Hong Kong trip I had with my co-teachers last month. We started our last full day in Hong Kong by walking to the bus station next to Mei Foo Station. We chose to sit on the upper deck, at the very front row to be able to see the city. We meant to go to Victoria Peak but we unfortunately missed our stop, so we took the MTR. We found ourselves in Central, and we decided to have lunch there. Since we all wanted authentic food, we asked around and we ended up in this restaurant: It was quite an experience, dining in there. The restaurant was 100% full, it was overwhelming. There were people everywhere, but I took that as a good sign — food was probably good. The wait staff led us to a table at the far end of the restaurant. We shared the table with a group of tourists too, and they told us how the “system” in the restaurant was. After settling down, we were given a piece of paper. We had no idea what to do with it, we couldn’t understand any of the characters written on it, but thanks to our table mates, we were able to understand what it was for. OK so. When a food cart arrives, you would have to go and get a plate of dim sum, show it to the lady pushing the cart, hand your paper to be stamped, go back to your table, and repeat the process until you’re happy with your food. It was quite an experience, basically having to fight for the lady’s attention because of the fear that food might run out and not wanting to wait for who knows how long before the next food cart arrives. This is what we ended up having, plus rice and Coca Cola. I was seated at the place where the wait staff could easily reach the table and that meant I was an easy target for getting bumped and getting splashed with hot water by the wait staff… Still, the food was good, and it was quite a dining experience. But the price? Not so good. It was pricey. Too pricey for the small amount of food we had. Before heading to the Ferry Terminal, we decided to walk around for a while. Everywhere we went, we saw fellow Filipinos. Some were on vacation, touring the city, and some were enjoying their day off of work. We miscalculated the time so we ended up taking a cab to the Ferry Terminal, and quickly looked for Turbojet. Since we booked through Klook, we didn’t have to queue. We just had to show our printed voucher and we were able to get our ferry tickets in less than a minute! We were a little behind schedule, so as soon as we got our tickets, we ran to Immigration, ran to the gate/berth, thinking boarding had already started. We docked in Macau an hour (or an hour and a half…?) later. I was a little groggy when we got out of the boat, I badly wanted to get some sleep, but for some reason, even with the boat basically rocking me to sleep and being so tired, I wasn’t able to get even a little bit of sleep at all.

Senado Square

We took the city bus to Senado Square, and we had no idea when we were supposed to get off. I was pretty sure we were on the correct bus, but when I asked the bus driver if we were near or when we had to get off, he just kept nodding. We just trusted our instincts, and thank goodness we got down at the right stop. Even with the heat, there were still a lot of tourists walking around the Square, taking pictures and appreciating the beauty of the place that was once colonised by the Portuguese. I especially loved how the colours perfectly blended with the blue, summer sky. IMG_1519

Ruins of St. Paul

From Senado Square, we wove our way through the tourist crowd. It was hot and crowded, so when we reached the bottom of the Ruins, we treated ourselves to cups of ice cold milk tea. The last time I visited Macau, my friend and I headed to the Ruins of St. Paul at 7 in the morning to avoid the crowd. Though we had to wake up extra early, it wasn’t in vain.
Macau 2015

Museo de Macau

We didn’t go inside the Museum, we just took a rest and enjoyed the view.

After taking photos and catching our breath, we headed back down to Senado Square. We stumbled upon this shop featuring my bud, Charlie Brown!

There were also lots of street food but I didn’t end up buying any, the one street food I wanted to try wasn’t there…

This is one of the things Macau is known for. I got full from taking samples from every store. Haha

We took a cab from the Square to the Venetian, and on the way, we were greeted by this view. I asked our cabbie what the white wall was, and he happily tried to explain, but I can’t remember exactly what he said. Haha if I’m not mistaken though, I think he mentioned something about the war and the Portuguese occupation in Macau.

The Venetian

The Parisian

Hong Kong

It was still early so we explored the city for a bit. We went to Mong Kok for the night market, and more street food.

Avenue of Stars

By 7 in the morning, we were already at the Avenue of Stars and to our surprise, it was under renovation. It would’ve done us well if one of us did a quick Google search… Haha We went back to the Heritage Lodge afterwards to have some breakfast and pick up our things before heading to the airport. That concludes my weekend in Hong Kong with my co-teachers! It’s one of those once in a lifetime trips, and since I was always thinking about that throughout the trip, there were times I found myself being sad haha. I don’t know, it’s just the fact that it’s never going to happen again… That’s all.

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