Hong Kong Day 1: Stuck at the Airport & Disneyland

Two hours before I had to leave for the airport, I was only halfway through packing. I decided to sleep early the night before, and completely bank on the fact that I would finish packing everything while getting ready. I made it just in time, I was ready to go,  tried my luck booking an Uber, but of course, no Ubers were available so I settled with Grab, greeted by an unhelpful driver.

I live ten minutes away from the airport, but my Grab driver took the long route, so I ended up arriving at the airport at 4:30AM. My co-teachers and I decided to meet at the airport no later than 4AM — we were sure there would be a lot of people travelling out of Manila since it was a long weekend.

Sure enough, we were right. There was already a queue just to get inside the airport, for the travel tax counters, the Cebu Pacific counters, immigration, and security. Our flight for Hong Kong was bound to leave at 7:10, and we were still trying to get past immigration at 6:45.

We ended up running to our boarding gate, and of course it was on the opposite side… We were almost there when we found out our flight would be delayed… Of course.

I told myself I would stay awake throughout the flight (I didn’t want to deal with my contacts drying up because of sleep haha) but before the plane even started taxiing, I was already dead asleep. Anyway, we landed in Hong Kong around 11AM, leaving us ample time to get to the hotel and get started on our day. But to our dismay, we didn’t leave as soon as possible, as we had to wait for our transfer. We had already seen the guy that had arranged our transfer to the hotel and he just instructed us to wait. So wait we did while he took care of other things, and we only left the airport an hour and a half later.

We were able to check in early at the Heritage Lodge, and soon after dropping our things off, we made our way to Disneyland!

Hong Kong Disneyland

Coming from Mei Foo Station, we got to Disneyland at 3 in the afternoon (I know right, 3PM???). We were greeted by the cold, gloomy weather but we were determined to still make a day out of it.

As soon as we were complete, we went straight to the Park’s entrance and showed the tickets we had booked from klook. Klook is a website that offers different activities and tours. Once you’ve booked an activity/tour, you would just have to keep a copy of the e-voucher on your phone, or print it out. You would just have to show this and you’re all set!

This was the second time I’ve booked from klook, and the experience was still 100% hassle-free, and our tickets were cheaper than the ones actually from the park. 😉

While waiting, I was determined to fit Jik’s huge jacket into my tiny bag. It was a success, that bag works wonders, I tell ya!

Main Street, USA

Disneyland really owns up to its tagline as the “Happiest Place On Earth.” I don’t have to be a four year old, Disney Princess obsessed little girl to know this, because as soon as you enter the park, what with the music that takes you back to your childhood, seeing all the characters come to life, really just makes you swell up with happiness.



Sleeping Beauty’s Castle was under construction while we were there… The fireworks show was also cancelled. It was pretty sad…

Toy Story Land

Mystic Point



An actual bear hug from a not so actual bear

Notice that signature Coke stripe? ;P

Grizzly Gulch


This is probably my favourite attraction (next to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle), I love bears. Sure there weren’t polar bears around but bears are bears! ❤

Parade at Main Street

We walked back to Main Street to catch the show and the parade before heading back to the city. It had already gotten so cold and I started to regret wearing a skirt that day. LOL. Well we all didn’t know the temperature would suddenly drop, considering that while we checked the weather app prior to the trip, the temperature has been in the mid 20s.


How Main Street looked while everybody was waiting for the parade

Obvious winner for the best float. I mean Belle’s dress is literally THE float.

Spotted: Easter Eggs

The Incredibles is one of my favourite Disney movies, so when I saw these!!! AHH. CANNOT WAIT FOR THE INCREDIBLES 2.

Dinner at Cafe De Coral

Before heading back to our hotel, we had late dinner at Cafe De Coral for our first meal for the day. I ordered this set, I don’t know the name of the dish I ate but what it made it perfect was the cold glass of Coca Cola. No joke.

That’s the end of our first day in Hong Kong. Crazy how we got through it just fine, considering we all didn’t get much sleep the night before. I’ll be posting the second (and final) blog post for this trip by Wednesday night! 🙂

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