Where to Stay: Kowloon, Hong Kong

My first thought upon seeing the Heritage Lodge was that it was really aesthetically pleasing, considering this was the first thing I saw:

The next thought that occurred to me was the fact that the whole place was modernised and historical at the same time. Since it is part of the Jao Tsung-I Academy, the whole site carries a lot of historical information on Hong Kong.

View from the High Zone



Our room was at Building E. We only had to go down a flight of stairs from the reception to get there and that was honestly such a relief, since we had luggages to carry.

We were greeted by this living room as soon as we entered the building. I believe guests are allowed to eat there…
Our room was right by the entrance of the hallway. It wasn’t bad at all, considering we weren’t disturbed by any loud noise throughout our stay there.

My most favourite part of the room. 

Another favourite. I loved how the shower area had this little window.


Our breakfast was complementary and I was honestly thankful for that. HOWEVER. The cafe opens at 8 and for both days we were there, we always had something arranged for 830, leaving us with a 30 minute window to wolf everything down.

Day 1 Breakfast — I loved the yogurt and the skewer, no idea what it was but it was SO GOOD. 

For our first day, we were supposed to go to the complementary city tour arranged by the hotel. The bus was bound to leave at 830. So by 8AM, we were already at the cafe waiting for our trays. We started eating right away since we only had about 10 minutes left. So off we went to the bus meet-up point and RIGHT when we got there, the BUS LITERALLY STARTED DRIVING AWAY. I COULD’VE SWORN HE SAW US.

Day 2 Breakfast — I didn’t really enjoy it, though the siomai was good.

For Day 2, there was a queue. So we decided to split up. Jem went to the reception to check out, I went back to our room to get our things while Kaye stayed behind to queue for us and get our trays. We literally only had 15 minutes to get everything done, including finishing our food. So Jem and I ran back down to the cafe (it’s pretty far from the reception, the walk back included flights of stairs), started eating while trying to catch our breath and wiping away our sweat. It was quite a breakfast.


Heritage Lodge is right by Mei Foo Station, which made it so easy for us to get to and from places.

Mei Foo Station is approximately 10 minutes from the hotel.
Freezing on the way back to the hotel

I really enjoyed our stay, and one of my best memories there would be the everyday walk to and from Mei Foo Station, what with the crazy number of stairs. I loved that it somehow turned into a work out. Haha

800, Castle Peak Rd.,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
852) 2100 2888

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