THROWBACK: Love at First Sight — Honolulu, Hawaii (Day 1)

In December 2014, my family and I visited Honolulu. Yeah yeah I know, it’s almost been four years but I really want to write about our trip since I can still clearly remember everything that happened and I want to share why I swore I would go back to Hawaii.

We flew with Philippine Airlines and our direct flight from Manila departed at 530 in the afternoon. It was a long flight and I remember being asleep majority of the time.

We landed in Honolulu a few hours before noon on the 30th of December. We got through customs quickly, and since we didn’t have arrangements for airport transfer, we got on a cab.

It was still too early to check-in when we arrived at the Aston at the Waikiki Banyan. We decided to freshen up a bit before heading out to get some lunch.

Since the hotel was only a few meters from Kalakaua Avenue, we went by foot and this was when it happened. The first and only time I’ve ever experienced love at first sight, and I remember it so well.


Waikiki Beach was literally just across, and the ever busy Kalakaua Avenue was so vibrant — both so beautiful despite the gloomy weather. I remember standing there, with my eyes focused on the water and I couldn’t help but think about how beautiful it really was.

Anyway, we decided to have lunch at McDonald’s and I really wanted to bring our food to the beach and just eat there but I guess it would’ve been too messy since we didn’t even have a beach towel with us that time.

After lunch, we walked around Kalakaua Avenue, checked out the stores that lined the strip. We had quite a lot of time to spare before we needed to head back to the hotel, and it was at this point that I started getting grumpy since jet-lag kicked in.


We were finally able to check-in, and while the rest of our family took a nap, I asked my sister Maui if she wanted to go out and walk around. It was almost 4PM, I didn’t want to give in and take a nap.

So off we went, we first headed to Jamba Juice and brought our drinks to the beach. We just sat there and took photos.

Afterwards, we decided to walk around Kalakaua Avenue again. Then we bought ice cream from Haagen Daz’s, even though it was a bit chilly. It also started drizzling.

We headed back to the hotel and found everybody awake from their nap. So we freshened up a bit, headed out for dinner, and found an Asian restaurant called Mr. Me’s.


We explored Kalakaua Avenue again, and then dropped by Starbucks for some coffee. We also chanced upon the ABC Store, and that marked the first of our many visits.

That concludes our first day in Honolulu! More posts about this trip coming up. 🙂

Aston at the Waikiki Banyan
201 Ohua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815, USA
+1 808-922-0555

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