I remember being excited for February, not knowing that it was going to be a whole month of demotivation and pressure. But still though, it was still filled with light and love!

  1. Dinner Dates with friends and family. My sister, my three cousins and I all live in Manila but the only time we actually hang out is when our grandparents are in town. LOL
    Started the first week of the month with dinner at Fresh with Moi and Ken.
    Just cousin things

    On the last day of the month, my friends and I had our monthly dinner. I thought it wasn’t going to happen since February was about to end but it still did! We had dinner in Taft, so the trip going there from work wasn’t bad. We had dinner at Jus and Jerry’s and coffee at Seattle’s Best.

    College buddies

    Visiting Taft after quite a while always makes me feel all sentimental, like I always end up thinking about my college days, especially the last 1 and a half year I spent there.

    This was one of my usuals at Jus and Jerry’s back in college.
  2. Trying Golden Cowrie at S’ Maison. My mom and Kup were in town that Sunday and we had a quick lunch before they headed back to Pangasinan. I had just had brunch that time so I only ordered the Pomelo Salad and shared the Baked Scallops with my sister.
    Pomelo Salad

    Baked Bantayan Scallops
  3. Day trip to Clark with Mom and Kup. I had to do work-related stuff for one part of the afternoon, but afterwards, we just hung out. I wasn’t able to take photos during dinner, but we ate at one of our usuals — Seoul Grill.
    Ice cream at the New McDonald’s beside the Old McDonald’s (LOL this one always gets me)
    Coffee at Starbucks. I hope I get to have more afternoons like this with them in a couple of months…
    Coffee at Paris City Cafe. It wasn’t worth it because 1) the drinks were expensive considering how low the quality was 2) the glasses they used for water were not washed thoroughly, it tasted like soap 3) the service was just… the waiters made you feel like it was a sin to ask for anything, even tissue.

    This is what they use to lure customers. It worked for me, though I really wasn’t happy with our coffee experience there.
  4. Valentine’s Day. I had dinner with my cousin Ken at Fresh. Nothing special, I didn’t really celebrate, and I didn’t get to celebrate with Jik. We’ve actually never celebrated Valentine’s Day together since we started dating LOL.

    Present from one of my kids ❤
  5. Jik’s Birthday & Anniversary Weekend. For Jik and I, February is a month of celebrations (his birthday, Valentine’s Day, our anniversary). I’m pretty big on celebrations so it was kinda sad when I wasn’t able to celebrate any of the three events with him, even though we already saw this coming. So we decided to allot one weekend to celebrate all three!

    So, for our three-day weekend, we were able to:

    Watch Black Panther
    Hang out with Jik’s family and visit his grandma in Guagua
    Jik & Kyle
    Try pares for the first time
    Have coffee dates

  6. February 23rd. My cousins and I all skipped work/school. It was pretty cool because it was one of those rare times all our parents agreed to let us ditch school.
    Happy birthday, Daddy!
    Quick photo before heading out with Ae, Mau, and Moi
    Pam attended the event too, so great seeing her after the longest time!
    I can’t believe how fast these two are growing.
    Fangirling because Carl Balita Jr. was there. Can I just say how much his reviewers helped while I was preparing for the Licensure Exam…
    Congratulations, momps!

    Last photo for the night with Moi, Mau, and Mig
  7. February was quite challenging too and I’ve been so demotivated. I kept trying to get myself to be productive, and resorted to rewarding myself with simple things like coffee, a good meal, or sleep, whenever I show even the slightest bit of productivity.


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