Nara Deer Park | Japan 2017

Our visit to Nara Deer Park last December 2017 was basically a pit stop. We were traveling from Osaka to Tokyo, (thanks to Japan’s amazing railway system, it wasn’t a hassle) with all our luggages in tow. We were only able to spend about a total of 2 hours there. Sad, right? But still, it was a happy day!

We started the day pretty early. We had the complimentary breakfast at the hotel. The buffet was simple, but it was good. And the best part of it was being able to have breakfast the way the Japanese do!

After breakfast, we started our commute to Nara. I remember feeling full from breakfast that time, but my stomach started getting excited upon seeing these:

Dessert shop in one of the subway stations. How perfect would it be to have one of those with a cup of coffee…

I would love to talk about our entire transit to Nara, but I’m not willing to completely trust my memory…

I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned towing our luggages around…

Upon arriving at the subway station (excuse me as I have completely forgotten the name of the station) in Nara, we quickly began our search for food. We had a pretty early breakfast so by the time we arrived in Nara, we were starving. We saw this nice alley right by the station, and it was lined with all these shops and restaurants. We ended up  eating in one of the restaurants there.

I think it was either Moi or Mig that ordered sushi. I decided to go with katsudon.

After lunch, we began our trek to the park. It was tiring mainly because I was pushing my luggage with one hand while trying to get photos for my blog/Instagram and footage for the video I never got around to editing with the other.

Nara boasts a couple of attractions such as the Todai-ji Temple (the home of the Great Buddha), Kasuga-taisha Shrine, Kofuku-ji Temple, Naramachi (a neighbourhood with traditional shops, restaurants, cafes), and the Yakushi-ji Temple.

However, there’s one attraction around Nara that stands out most — the Nara Deer Park. The park is basically a grassland for the 1,200 friendly deer that graze around the area. The deer in Nara used to be considered sacred long time ago as it was believed that they were divine messengers, but after World War II, they no longer held that status and they are now considered as national treasures.

One thing that I love about Nara Deer Park (aside from the deer) is the fact that it’s FREE. Visitors don’t need to pay a price to have a close interaction with the deer, and that for me is already worth considering when planning your trip to Japan!

Our first deer sighting… And it happily started gnawing at our luggages.

Aside from being obsessed with deer crackers (which you can purchase right at the park), they are also obsessed with paper. Which explains why they ate the tags of our luggages.

Mau actually got one to bow to her! I didn’t even know that was a thing, but it was pretty cool!

I can only hope they had the decency not to fart on Kup…

Guardians of the Luggages

It was so easy for Mig to get a good photo. Meanwhile…

I was starting to get frustrated — we were about to leave and I still didn’t have a decent photo ~for the gram~
Me: just one picture, dear…

Our only picture together at Nara Deer Park, and of course my eyes are shut. :—)

That’s it for Nara Deer Park! I had fun writing this post, maybe I should pattern my posts this way? Haha anyway. If you ever find yourself in Osaka or Kyoto, and you have an afternoon to spare, visit Nara!

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