Photo Gallery: My November

I didn’t think November would drag, what with all the special non-working holidays and suspensions. Seriously, I remember thinking November would come and go (but it didn’t) and nothing even really happened, especially in terms of my personal/social life. L O L

Anyway, here’s a rundown of what went on during my long and (pretty) uneventful November.


My family and I celebrated my cousin’s birthday back home in Pangasinan. We had one of those dinners we used to always have ~back in the day~ and it felt nice being surrounded by family.

Birthday boy!


I had an entire week off from work and I thought it would be eventful. (it really wasn’t)

Met this cute little pupper at a relative’s party!
I finally got around to buying succulents!

I bought four, all for a total of php160!


This month, my sister and I had quite a number of random dinners and hang outs. Haha

Thai food for dinner at Dusit Thani


Being in a long distance relationship (yes this is counted even though Manila is only an hour away from Angeles LOL), Jik and I don’t see each other much. So it’s always always always a blessing when we get a day to ourselves!

Brunch at Cafe Breton
Messin’ around at Dreamplay

That’s basically it for my November! (Told ya it was pretty lousy). I’ve got quite a lot of things lined up for this month and I’m so excited! So if you wanna stay updated, watch out for posts about:

  • My birthday weekend
  • More South Korea posts (Little France and Busan coming up!)
  • Blog series for this month’s trip (I can only hope I actually get this up within the month)

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