Things To Do in Seoul: Everland Theme Park

There’s almost always a theme park in any country. You’ve got quite a number of Disneylands and Universal Studios in the US, Europe, and Asia, Ocean Park in Hong Kong, Enchanted Kingdom in the Philippines, and Lotte World and Everland in South Korea. When I travel, I generally prefer to roam around and get lost in the city and discover, learn, and appreciate the culture. I, however, also think that it wouldn’t hurt to allot at least a day to visit a particular city’s theme park.

Everland is the biggest theme park in South Korea. It’s located just outside Seoul, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It usually takes about an hour to get there and here’s a quick list of different ways to get to Everland:

  1. Subway: If you plan to take the subway, visit Seoul’s metropolitan subway map here. You’ll be able to input the most convenient station for you and the station that you will be arriving at.
    For example, the place I’m staying at is closest to Gangnam Station, so I will search that up and I would also have to look up Giheung Station, which is the station I wish to arrive at. It also includes the transfer I need to make, which will be at Jeonja Station so I could arrive at Giheung Station. From Giheung Station, you will need to make another transfer to Yongin Ever Line. 30 minutes later, you’ll arrive at Jeondae Everland Station, which is the last stop. And then, take the free shuttle from the station to Everland or Caribbean Bay! The website will show your ETA, the fee, and the transfer stationimg_3006
    Seoul’s Cyber Station website is so easy to use! You can download it on your mobile phone to make your commuting experience in Seoul hassle-free! PS. The app doesn’t require data or wifi, so even if you get lost, it wouldn’t be a problem. 🙂
  2. Bus: There are also regular city buses that will take you to Everland. It’s the cheapest option and this, I would say, is what I prefer most. All you have to do is pay right when you enter, sit back, relax, and get off!
  3. Shuttle Buses: There are two options for Everland shuttle buses. There are shuttle buses that pick you up from your hotel and there are also shuttle buses around Seoul.
    This photo is taken from the EVERLAND website.

Upon getting to Everland, you would either queue to purchase your ticket (day tickets cost KRW 54000 for adults and KRW 43000 for children) OR you can quickly purchase your tickets online to save you time!

Everland has five themed areas, the Global Fair, ZooTopia, European Adventure, Magic Land, and American Adventure. It’s been a while since my previous trips to Everland so here’s a quick photo gallery 🙂

My first time in Everland was in December 2012. I remember freezing my butt off to the point that I barely enjoyed the park and didn’t go on any rides. I remember watching the parade and going around once. I kind of regret it now, I should’ve braved the cold, since the park really looked nice and pretty with the snow and bare trees.I don’t remember how many layers I had on but I still ended up using an extra scarf and borrowed my brother’s hat. LOL
Have I mentioned my love (obsession) with polar bears yet???

Whoops. Okay, so we actually did something fun. Haha

Fast forward to April 2015, I went to Everland again with my friends Nina and Noelle. It was during spring so the weather was much better!We queued up to get our tickets but since it was off-peak, we didn’t have to wait long.I feel like it’s a must to take a photo by this huge tree that you see right when you enter the theme park.IMG_5445
Photo from Nina

T   U   L   I   P   F   E   S   T   I   V   A   L

We didn’t know the Tulip Festival was ongoing when we were there, it was such a nice surprise to see tulips everywhere!

Spot the bee
IMG_4959Couldn’t get enough of the pretty tulips!

Z   O   O   T   O   P   I   A

We queued up to ride a bus that would take us around this area I forgot. From our seats, we were able to see wild animals upclose.
Photos from NoellePhoto from NinaPhoto from NinaIMG_4997Photo from NinaPhoto from Nina

E   U   R   O   P   E   A   N   A   D   V   E   N   T   U   R   E

IMG_4975Photo from Nina

G   L   O   B   A   L   F   A   I   R

Photo from Nina

A   M   E   R   I   C   A   N   A   D   V   E   N   T   U   R   E

Photo from Nina
We only rode one ride when we were there (the one behind, Anchor’s Away I think). And right. I drank a huge cup of Coca Cola for breakfast. Never doing that again. (Photo from Nina)
Walking by Aesop’s Village. (Photo from Nina)

This was an ongoing inside joke with Noelle the whole trip LOL

Just like any theme park, Everland also had it’s parade 🙂

Photo from Noelle

Before we left the park, we took some more photos! And we really couldn’t get enough of the tulips. Nina bought one for her mom and I bought one for Kup!
Photo from NinaPhoto from Nina

Nina doin’ her thing!

We took the Ever Line to travel back to the city!

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