I’ve always thought Olive Young was the Seoul version of Watson’s. The stores used to be typical-sized filled with rows of cosmetics ranging from authentic, local products, to well-known brands. It also had a couple of rows for hygiene-related things, and refreshments like chips, chocolates, and juices.

So during my recent trip to Seoul, I was so surprised at how revamped Olive Young was! The one I went to was in Gangnam, and oh my the brand upped its game and suddenly turned to Sephora!!!

After browsing the store, I ended up with these different products! Now I’m no make-up or skincare guru, I just wanted to share what I thought about them 🙂

This little coffee table in our room somehom became the make-up station!

E Y E L A S H   C O M B

Truth be told, I never knew about the existence of eyelash combs until recently, and since then, I’ve been trying to find one in Manila! It was always a problem for me to unclump my eyelashes and I would only use a spooly or a dry mascara wand. So when I randomly saw this in Olive Young, I literally grabbed it so quickly and didn’t even think twice about purchasing it!

VERDICT: I LOVE IT. When I started using it, I thought the bristles would be really sharp and that I would end up poking my eye. But it’s actually really easy to use! 100% recommended for my eyelash-obsessed sistas!

C H A P S T I C K   C O N D I T I O N I N G   L I P   S C R U B

This lip scrub was one of those accidental purchases. The main reason I bought this was because of one ingredient that it had: coconut oil (and also because the packaging was nice LOL). I tried this on the night I got it and I instantly liked how it felt on my lips. I applied a teeny tiny amount of product on my lips, spread it out, and loved the minty flavor! I also liked how it felt like it had the tiniest exfoliating beads, which made my lips feel nice and smooth!

VERDICT: 10/10! I thought the product would eventually dry out through the night but it stayed on until I woke up! Chapstick just doesn’t kid around when it comes to lips being moisturized!

M A C   L I P S T I C K

MY BEST PURCHASE. MAC Lipstick in the shade “TWIG.” Not too bright, not too dark, it’s a perfect shade for me! I think I can survive with just this lipstick. Haha anyway, I LOVE IT.

VERDICT: you already know, A+ !!!

E C O T O O L S   P O W D E R B R U S H

I’ve been meaning to buy a new powder brush! It took me a while to come down to a decision on which brush to get and I ended up with this one from ecotools. I honestly don’t know what else to say about this brush because that’s literally it….. It’s a large powder brush. Haha

VERDICT: 10/10. It’s also perfect for carrying around in your daily bag or for a trip since it has a little case with it.

E U C E R I N   M I C E L L A R   W A T E R

I’ve only tried one other micellar water in my life and I didn’t like it. Sure it did the job but I didn’t like its smell. I was determined to finish the bottle I had so I could try out a new brand, so when I was at Olive Young, I didn’t pass the chance to check their skin care section, which by the way was huge! It had its own floor! I asked the lady and she nicely showed me the different brands and even told me the pros of each!

VERDICT: A+ because I think I have found the perfect micellar water for me!

B I O D E R M A   T O N E R

Last purchase — toner! I only started investing on toners last year, and in a span of one year, I tried about 3 or 4 toners from different brands. I’m really liking this toner from Bioderma though, it smells so good and it doesn’t leave that prickly feeling afterwards.

VERDICT: I’m 100% sure I’ll be buying this toner again!


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