Taipei: Part 3 of 4

We started our third day in Taipei by exploring East Nanjing Road and having brunch in one of the restaurants there, since it was already almost noon that time.
I can’t remember the name of the restaurant, but this is how it looked like! It was a typical-sized restaurant, free wifi, free water, and clean restroom.

Lara and I ordered the same thing — I couldn’t make my mind up so I asked the waiter what their bestseller was and it was this set of coffee, bread, fruits, milk noodles with cheese thingamajig. I was a little iffy about it but there’s a reason why it’s a bestseller right? Haha

This was Vina’s order. She didn’t want the salad so I ate it haha it was good!


After brunch, we boarded the train (or subway whatever it’s all the same to me…) that would take us to our main destination for the day — Maokong Gondola.

We stayed in the first cart and we easily saw the beautiful views along the way!

We walked a couple of meters to get to the station for the Maokong Gondolas (or cable cars. I thought it would be like one of those gondolas you see in Venice but it was actually a cable car).

We purchased our ticket and we requested for a gondola with a glass floor (which was free of charge!)


We then walked to the Taipei Tea Promotion Center, a highly touristy spot where you get to have the legitimate Taiwanese tea experience.

We walked around the area for a bit and noticed there weren’t really a lot of places to have tea at. Unless all the others were still further up?

We chose this little area mainly because it offered such a pretty view.

I spy with my little eye…

Of course I don’t remember the name of the place… But it was nice and quiet, it was what we were looking for. BUT. They didn’t have wifi, it was okay though!

The waiter asked us what kind of tea we wanted but we had no idea so we asked him to choose for us. We ended up with this one.

He showed us how to make the tea — how long we have to wait before it’s ready, how to pour the tea properly… He left us on our own after showing us the whole procedure twice or thrice. We then took turns making the tea!
We didn’t finish our little packet (I think Lara brought it home) since we wanted to get back to the city before the gondolas would close for the night.

Sure it was a little pricey, but it was a great experience! The whole tea-time was also sort of like a break, a little down-time from all the walking and touring we’ve been doing. It was an opportunity to just soak everything in.


We then headed to Ximending, a neighborhood known for the Red House Theater, shopping, and clubs and pubs.
The Ximending Pedestrian Area. (Sort of resembles the one in Shibuya!) This pedestrian is apparently the first and largest pedestrian area in Taiwan. 

Before walking around the area, we bought streetfood from this cute looking Volkswagen stall.

Not gonna lie, none of us knew what this was. It was deep-fried and a little spicy. Still pretty good!

One of Ximending’s landmarks is the Red House Theater. We walked around the area trying to look for it only to find out that…


All we really did in Ximending was to walk around and explore the place. We walked along the streets, checked out the different stores, and Vina bought one of those tall soft-serve ice creams. That was really it.


We then headed to Raohe St. Night Market, another ~well-known~ night market in Taipei. The food they sold in there wasn’t that different from the ones sold in Shilin Nightmarket, so I didn’t bother taking much photos.

It was all nice and pretty… until it started drizzling.

The whole time we were there, we were looking for the orange juice we had from Shilin. They didn’t have it. 😦

The only thing I bought was a bag of guava. It was so sweet! Oh and I bought one of those authentic Taiwanese hotdogs. SO GOOD.

Lara and Vina with their takoyaki!

There was a temple right outside the market!

We went back to our hostel afterwards and randomly decided to go to the nearby 711 (in our pajamas) and to buy some tea eggs!

We set the camera on self-timer and just took random photos around the store.

We would’ve taken some more but the dude at the counter started looking worried or something. Haha

We headed back and ate everything we bought at the hostel. We also took photos since nobody was around. It was already 130AM or something!

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