The Queen City of the South — Cebu

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Over the weekend, my mom, Kup, and I headed to Cebu to support my siblings and cousins for their volleyball competition. (Talk about being such a supportive family…) With that said, this weekend trip barely involved exploring the wonders of Cebu, which honestly made me a little sad since that’s what I really wanted to do, but I guess there’s always a next time!

While we weren’t watching the games, we still tried to get a feel of the Queen City of the South with the limited time we had. So I decided to go ahead and take photos and put them up on my blog.

It was Thursday, the 6th of October when we headed to the airport for our flight with PAL. We boarded and landed right on time, which is always a plus. It was a short flight, considering the fact that Cebu is only around 300 miles from Manila. It was during this flight that I actually experienced bad turbulence — the weather was pretty bad and as soon as the pilot made the announcement for everyone to go back to their seats and fasten their seat belts, the cup of water I was about to drink actually spilled on my laptop. Haha I was actually more fascinated than scared.

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We got out of the Mactan-Cebu International Airport by 530PM and it took us quite a bit of time to book a cab. It was rush hour which made it all the more difficult. Big shoutout to Uber and Grab for getting us to and from places!

After grabbing some breakfast, we headed out to watch the games for the second day of the competition. I honestly forgot to take a mental note of the wins and losses…whoops. We stayed the whole day, eating the huge Ziploc of cereal I packed and entertaining ourselves with the crazy price International Schools put on their food.

My cousin Pao got pooped on by a random bird!

We left at around 5PM, another crazy trip during rush hour. I think it took us more than an hour to get to Basilica de Minore Santo Nino, right before the priest uttered the words “Go in Peace to love and serve the Lord…” Regardless of the fact that we have visited this place before, my mom insisted that we visit again.

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Santo Nino after mass
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While waiting for our Uber, my mom and I decided to buy some lansones from a nearby cart. I was a little iffy about purchasing from the guy since I didn’t want to settle with eating sour lansones but we were too hungry that time so yea.

We then headed to Larsian’s, a well known barbecue establishment in Cebu. It has been years since I’ve had one of the best grilled chickens in my life and I was way too eager to be back!

Upon arriving at the restaurant (would restaurant be the proper word…?), you would immediately be greeted by servers ushering you to their own stall. It’s a little overwhelming since they expect you to make a choice right away! We ended up choosing a stall called Smiley’s.

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Yummy meat selection
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Seafood selection

I ordered chicken barbecue, a stick of isaw, and a stick of pork barbecue and it was heavenly. Best grilled chicken barbecue I’ve ever had. I should’ve ordered two sticks.

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Teeny tiny rice that you pay for individually!

I wasn’t able to take a photo of all our food since they came in separately and we started eating right away. All I can say is that no matter what you order, I’m pretty sure it would end up tasting great! Larsian’s Barbecue is definitely a place to visit while you’re in Cebu!

Our second day basically consisted of watching more games and cheering, especially since the boys ended up in the championship round! They lost and ended up getting second place but that’s not bad at all!

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We FINALLY got to see the beach on our very last day and I could only wish we could’ve stayed longer. It was such a nice, sunny day and what better way to spend it than to be on the beach, right? But maybe next time…

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We thought the crab was dead but it just lost one of its legs… 😦

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Have I mentioned just how beautiful the day was? I feel like every single time I’m in a new place, the weather only cooperates on the last day. It’s honestly so frustrating and yes, I admittedly have experienced this on a couple of trips. (My other way of saying “watch out for my next blog posts!”)


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Mom and Kup wanted a photo by the bench with a heart…
Meanwhile… This is me with my Invisible Jik
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Official Third-wheeler

Cebu is definitely a place to visit again. And again. And again. The weekend failed to do justice the beauty of the island and there’s so much more to explore. The short weekend made me realize just how beautiful the Philippines truly is.

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