The Happy List: Vol. I


I’ve decided to put some life in to this blog by going back to writing Happy Lists! The last time I wrote one was during those ~active~ Tumblr days and it feels good doing this again. 🙂

  1. Being in Baguio and adjusting to the cold September weather and the afternoon rains
  2. That bittersweet feeling of buying something for yourself
  3. Upcoming trips for the last few months of the year!
  4. Not getting attacked by allergies
  5. Having friends who will always be there
  6. Mini make-up hauls
  7. Small progresses
  8. Constantly being reminded of how much you are loved and appreciated
  9. Quality time with family
  10. Being able to read books, watch shows, have endless “me-times” without feeling guilty
  11. Ice cream
  12. Christmas! Because Christmas starts in September in the Philippines!

Because of the fact that I’m unemployed and I basically do not have anything interesting happening in my life, I won’t be able to post Happy Lists as much as I want since it would end up containing the same thing all the time… So I’ve decided to only publish one (or two at most) each month. 🙂

This post was inspired by bloggers around WordPress and Tumblr. Check their posts out by searching for “The Happy List” or #THL.

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