An Introduction

The clock currently reads 3:52AM and I just had the urge to write something about someone that means so much to me. There’s no apparent reason as to why I’m doing this — maybe it’s because of the fact that he’s been my rock during this unbearable disaster of a term or because of the mere reason that he still continues to amaze me everyday and still constantly brings so much wonder and light in my life. Brace yourself for one heck of a cheesy post.

Meet Jericho/Jik/J.

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He’s probably one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. He’s probably one of the funniest too. You’d be surprised at how crazy he is over basketball and how driven he is to constantly be better. You’d also be shocked at how seriously he takes his academics. You’d probably be impressed by how much food he eats. Then, you’d be thankful for meeting a friend who will always have your back.

Underneath all the jokes and the intimidating appearance, there’s so much more to Jik and I’m fortunate to get to know him at a deeper level and this is how it all began.

September 2013 – April 2014. It was my second year in college and it was the term I took NSTP-CWTS. I ended up enrolling in Jik’s block. I didn’t know anyone at all but it didn’t matter because all I wanted was to get NSTP over and done. I can confidently say that I only had one friend (my partner Rafa) and Jik and I did not exchange a single word throughout CWTS1 and CWTS2. It was because I judged him too quickly and convinced myself I would never be friends anyone like him because of how cocky he looked. I did not bother trying to be friendly towards him. Nope, not at all.

September – December 2014. Jik and I were group mates in EdTech2 but we still barely talked to each other. Not unless there’d be a quiz and I would message him on Facebook asking for the HTML code for the quiz. (what a total user, Maddie) Fast-forward to the end of the term. It was our last meeting and our group had to do a presentation. I was so excited to get it done and start getting ready for the Christmas Party the 113 block prepared for that night. For some reason, I asked Jik if he was going to the party and he said no (I forgot why but  anyway I stopped pestering him after that). When my friends and I got to the party, I was actually pretty surprised to see him there because hello you said you weren’t going??? We were partners in beer pong and basically talked a lot. That was the first time we had a decent conversation and that was when we both actually got to know each other. After the party, we actually started talking on Facebook and through text but it eventually stopped and to this day, I still have no idea why.

January 2015. Jik and I were classmates in Educational Psychology 1 and there he was, sitting in the middle of the room with his eyes stuck to his phone. God I was so annoyed. I had no idea why, maybe it was because he was always late? He was friends with everyone? The class would always laugh whenever he’d say a joke? Anyway, the only time we actually had a decent conversation was when he asked if he could photocopy my readings since he didn’t have his and I felt bad because we had a paper due the next day. It was already around 830-9PM and I was in my house clothes and yep, I was too lazy to go downstairs. But still, I went with him to get the readings photocopied. 20 minutes of awkwardness… Afterwards, he walked me back to my place (I honestly thought we would part ways at the photocopy place but whatta gentleman) and it was extra awkward because we didn’t know if we were supposed to hug goodbye so he ended up going for a high five which somehow became a handshake. L-O-L.

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March 2015. I was in Seoul for Holy Week and he was in Baguio. He knew Baguio was my ~turf~ so he texted me and said that he wished I was there so we could hang out. I honestly thought it was strange because the boy and I had never really hung out before. So for the rest of Holy Week, we were texting non-stop and talking about the most useless things and exchanging dumb jokes. This is where the plot twist starts.

April 2015. The 112 Grad Ball was coming up and I SO VERY BADLY WANTED TO GO except I did not have a date. It came to a point that I asked my mom to look for a guy I can take to the ball… So 5 days before the dance, Jik sends me a text and asks if I would like to go to the ball with him and in my head I’m all like YES OFC I DO I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU ONLY ASKED ME NOW. There we went to the Grad Ball, laughing the night away and not worrying about anything being awkward. It was such a grand night.IMG_2704

I never would thought I would end up dating the guy I judged too quickly. I never thought I’d be with someone who is just so full of love, patience and understanding. I never would have thought I’d be so lucky to constantly be reminded of everything good even though it feels like nothing is going right. I never expected to be able to feel like this after all the hell I’ve put myself through.

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J, this term has been a roller-coaster and I would’ve fallen off the cart if you hadn’t been there holding me down and making sure I was okay. You’ve been my rock and I will always be grateful for your presence, understanding, and love. You push me to be better and break boundaries even though it’s so clear that I’m 100% ready to give up and throw everything away. You make me feel so lucky and blessed. You are amazing.

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